Me at Joshua Tree, California, 2010
  • My novel, Eye of the Timegate, is now available as a print copy on Create Space or an ebook on Smashwords. Australian visitors interested in a print copy might be interested in using my local publisher Lismel, who are offering a good deal. If you subscribe to this blog I’ll send you a coupon code for you to redeem at my Smashwords page for a half price copy of the ebook! The Kindle version is also available on Amazon (the link’s for the US store, but it’s also available at all Amazon stores).

Hi there! I’m Russell Forden, writer of science fiction time travel stories and presently working on my Timegate series.  This is the right place for information on how to purchase my available books, access to exclusive content from my works-in-progress, and plenty of other good things.

On my blog you’ll find news, opinion pieces, writing advice, new releases, and information about my various adventures in self-publishing.

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