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Kathy Rodriguez is a geologist who has just lost her lover, John Hannebury, in an accident while investigating an unusual object discovered underground. Lina Thigpen is an experimental physicist who, with her colleagues at the Tesla Institute, helps to investigate the strange anomaly discovered by Rodriguez and Hannebury. Both women are given opportunities beyond their dreams as their stories culminate in a rescue mission that unlocks secrets that could change the world. 

Hard copies of the novel are available as well as the ebook version. Ebook is often going for free!


Important Update!

The book is no longer available, on any platform. I withdrew it because I felt it hadn’t been properly edited. Expect a better, professionally edited version of Eye of the TImegate sometime in the near future!

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Don't be put off by the weird drawing here. Hey, it's just me as an anime character wearing headphones!

Formerly a high school teacher, I seem to have spent my whole life trying to create something in the field of pop culture. I’ve written film scripts, made films, done internet sites, blogs, podcasts, written songs, you name it. Now I write science fiction stories and work in libraries, which is my dream job.