Timegate Locations Map

The finished manuscript of my novel included various graphic elements, including a map of the world that showed where the Timegates mentioned in the novel were located around the world. The print version came out fine, but for some reason, I was never able to get the map to read properly in the ebook version. So I thought I’d include a copy of it here for everyone’s perusal.

By the way, it wasn’t easy to work out where I should put all these Gates, and it took quite a while to decide other details, like how many there should be and specifically where to put them. For reasons explained in the novel (or not!), I placed them within mountain ranges. The one in Australia is in Mount Dandenong in Victoria. I’ve lived within sight of this mountain for most of my life, so it seemed like a good place to put a Timegate!

For a closer view, just click on the map and hit enlarge.

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