March 2021

Cover for blog entry about Isaac Asimov's Foundation stories

Predicting the Future: Asimov’s Foundation

I recently read the last of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation stories, Forward the Foundation. It was published posthumously in 1993 after his death in 1992. It features the last years of his hero, Hari Seldon, and the completion of his galaxy-spanning and history-spanning project, Foundation. It seems fitting that Asimov’s last book was the last Foundation …

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Instant Karma!

ONE The building was a squat and ugly single-story red brick within the light-industrial district, south-east of the University District. The battered sign out front, printed in a retro computer font, said Qwanten Data. The front office windows had heavy security wire over them, and the dusty venetian blinds within were closed, giving the building …

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