Andromeda Spaceways Magazine #80

Vol 16/No.3

Sept 2020

Story and Author

Tags/Hub Areas

Therapeutic Tags

Personal Rating

Concinitty by David Taub

First contact, LGBTIQ, stasis, cultural trade, religion

Tolerance, pacifism, acceptance


Maryam Versus the Replicator by AJ Brennan

Colonisation, stasis, AI, asteroid disaster

Consolation of food, whimsy


Milky Way Or, Galatea by Avru Margariti (poem)

 Cosmology, God, myth Self determination


(true) by Laura DeHaan

 Robots, witches, non-binary language, LGBTIQ Humour, tolerance ***1/2

Where Else But Queensland? By Paradox Delilah

 Aliens, benevolent, first nations, global warming, Australia Co-operation, teamwork ****

The Bride of the Blob by David Stevens

Kaiju, astronauts, nuclear mutation, pulp scifi, alternate universes, Douglas AdamsSatire, surrealism, transcendence, union ****

Intergalactic Gigolo by Linda Ann LoSchiavo (poem)


Shimmer, Shimmer by Catherine Yu

Witchcraft, urban fantasy, initiationBelonging, trust***

The Appearance of Joseph Bendy in the Likeness of a Ten-Part Choir by Brenda Anderson

Mechanical animals, unobtainium, clones, steampunkBelonging, vocation, animal rights**

He Who Stands and Waits by David Cleden

Post apocalypse airborn virus, killer robot sentrySurvival, ingenuity, hope***

All the Stars In Her Eyes by Deborah Sheldon

Killer asteroid, disaster, mental breakdown, alien impregnation, Melbourne, AustraliaMother love***

Behold by Louis R Rosenberg

Androids, jinns, genies, three wishes, AladdinGreed, frugality, thrift, needs versus wants****

Arboreal Recovery Cluster, Node 896 by Ramez Yoakeim

Robots, global warming, rescue missionHope, self sacrifice, empathy, humanity, tenacity*****