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Andromeda Spaceways Magazine #76

Andromeda Spaceways Magazine #76

Vol 15/No.3

September 2019

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Day and Night Girl by Rachel Chimits

Shamans, tribal nomadic societies, global warming? Mystic visions, killer mystic boars

Facing fear, finding strength, beauty in difference


The Weber Defence by John Sies

Aliens, first contact, thwarted invasion, geckos

Humour, friendly aliens


Hair Raiser by Greyson Wyatt

Sentient hair, nanotechnology, horror

Humour, heroism, fear


Rats by Mike Adamson

Survival, catastrophes, pollution, exodus, climate change, robots, scavengers, squatters, stratification, home security, dystopia

Hope, enlightenment, radical politics, anger


My Name Is Draco by Tara Campbell

Dragons, addiction, alcoholics, AA

Addiction cure, humour


The Orchard by Ephiny Gale

Magical competitions, Harry Potter, LGBTIQ, transformation

Consolation, escape, bliss, love


Chief Jeanaconda by Aber O Grand

Mystery and magic, detective shaman, village deity, cats, weather curse, churchwarden pipe magic

Puzzle solver, animal rights


Fossills by Kim Whysall-Hammond (poem)

Prehistory, early writing

Love versus commerce, discovery


In Roaming Form by Chris Lee Jones

Utopian post-human AI society, Earth encompassing consciousness mesh, rise of the machines, coming of age quest, consciousness transfer, spiders, dragonflies, nuclear war apocalypse, history

Delight, mother love, consensus democracy, desire to learn


JohnMalichiVice.com Is a Scam by Michael W Cho

Paranormal troubleshooter, the internet, entity manifestation, business, marketing, social media

Humour, media awareness literacy


A Parcel a Day by James Rowland

Magic as commodity, the stock market, immortality

Enterprise, humour, business knowledge


The Galactic Internet by Peter S Drang

The internet, big dumb object, Douglas Adams, language, spam

Humour, satire


Walk of the Saints by Suzanne Rofe

Assimilating gods, abuse, rape, tribal societies, avengers

Perspective on religions, historical trends, ambiguous, justice


Moondust by Russell Hemmell

Mars, Phobos, moon death, space colonies, Olympus Mons, Cydonia

Renewal, heroism, letting go, poetry