Eye of the Timegate

Eye of the Timegate is a social science fiction novel about, among other things, time travel into the past and the effect it has on the main characters (scientists all) and society as a whole. My aim with the novel was to tell a realistic story of time travel’s discovery, where the idea of time travel was treated as a real thing, rather than as a gimmick to tell some other story. I wanted to explore the social, political and psychological ramifications of time travel, much in the way Carl Sagan did it for first encounter situations with his novel Contact. I asked myself, how could time travel be possible today, and if it was, what would we do with it, who would control it and how would it affect us? Although the novel contains a framing story around my character John Hannebury, the time travel discovery and the development of the Program is really the heart of the novel, as I see it.

The novel is split into five distinct parts. Part One: the Object, Part Two: the Timegate, Part Three: the Program, Part Four: the Lost Ones, and Part Five: the Rescue Mission. There is also an Epilogue. It is approximately 137,000 words in length. I launched the novel for sale as a paperback on Create Space and as an ebook on Amazon and Smashwords and other platforms in 2017. I have since made the ebook version free on most platforms except Amazon, which stubbornly refuses to sell it for anything lower than 99 cents. At this point I just want readers, and possibly email subscribers, to build a list of interested readers in preparation for my other works.

Here’s a synopsis of the story…

Kathy Rodriguez is a geologist who has just lost her lover,  John Hannebury, in an accident while investigating an unusual object discovered underground. Lina Thigpen is an experimental physicist who, with her colleagues at the Tesla Institute, helps to investigate the strange anomaly discovered by Rodriguez and Hannebury. It becomes apparent that, not only is it a time machine, but there are many more such machines – Timegates – in underground installations around the world. Lina and Kathy take part in the international time travel research program that is then implemented using the Timegates. But while commercial interests and the military constantly push to take over the program, both women are given opportunities of fulfilment beyond their dreams. Their stories culminate in a rescue mission that unlocks secrets that could change the world.

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And here’s an excerpt from the novel. It’s the entire first chapter on PDF. If you like it, you can get more by purchasing the novel at the above links. Thanks for reading.

Eye of the Timegate: Chapter One