Sat. Jul 13th, 2024


Films (and Videos)

I made some students films and videos when I was in college back in the Eighties. One of them, called Blanks, was even shown at the Fringe Festival one year. Another, a video about actor, critic and DJ John Flaus, has also had some public viewings. My film-making heroes were Jean Luc Godard and Woody Allen. One of my film lecturers even use to call me Mr Godard at times. I’ll eventually include some of these works if I can clean them up sufficiently to satisfy me (some are pretty rough!). But when it comes to film making lately, I’ve mainly been concentrating on what’s called ‘machinimas’. These are films generated through game play. Some well-known ones are Red Vs Blue and The Neighborhood. I’ve used the game The Sims 3 for a lot of my machinimas. Others have been Tomb Raider and lately No Man’s Sky. For all their convenience, machinimas are still pretty time intensive. Sometimes the ‘actors’ can be hard to work with!