Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Jin, the oldest member of BTS, and who has just finished his army service, decided to hold a special event for fans called a Free Hug Event. He originally intended to allow three thousand fans to have the honour of hugging him, but it got reduced to one thousand due to practical concerns, and some fears he might get mugged. After the event Allkpop reported it as ‘unexpectedly wholesome’, but photos surfaced of some fans stealing a kiss. They were apparently two Japanese women (it’s reported there were only two male fans at the event). This small liberty sparked off outrage among fans, some calling for law suits against the offending women. Meanwhile, Jin and his people seem quite unperturbed. It’s crazy shit, and I love it.


I had a look at and listen to Twice Nayeon’s new song and music video, ABCD, which has just been released. First impression is it’s a more adult vibe, like Jihyo’s Killing Me Good, and a bit retro. There are bits in the song that remind me of Britney Spears, and especially in the chorus, Beyonce’s Crazy In Love. Other fans have picked up on this and some are labelling her Nayeonce, which is funny. The video shows us multiple versions of Nayeon in various looks and situations, like she’s inhabiting multiple universes. In all of them though she is dominating, the centre of attraction. A lot of attention has been made to a part in the dance break where Nayeon appears to put a hand on her crotch. In all, it’s a good song, I think I like it, and the video’s fun. I look forward to the coming promotional blitz for the album and song.


I’m looking through a big coffee table book I borrowed from the library today about the Beach Boys. It’s called The Beach Boys by The Beach Boys. It’s pretty lush with amazing vintage photos and text that’s all in their words. I believe there’s a documentary film companion to it. It was such a blast to see it there, a large book in the library, I just had to borrow it. We have some good shit in there sometimes, you know. I don’t know how informative or revealing it will be (it is an ‘official’ account), but I will at least enjoy the copious photos. One little tidbit: according to David Marks, Dennis Wilson could be a bit of a bully. I wonder where he got that from? (hello Murry Wilson).

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