Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
Donald Sutherland, 1935 - 2024

New Car Saga

Endured some more car search wackness today. I called a guy about a Hyundai i30, a nice white 2019 number. The ad said one owner and 40,000 k’s. Turned out the guy had a number of other cars for sale and was in fact representing the business, a car wreckers, across the road. Later, when I visited the seller’s business lot to look at the car, he said the car for sale had been used by one person, an office lady, and the car was an ex-business fleet car. So the seller was actually a dealer but said he wasn’t. A red flag, according to my older brother, the car aficionado. And the 40,000 k’s turned out to be over 50,000. Despite all this, I liked the car, and would’ve bought it if my older brother hadn’t talked me out of it. When I relented, after all his blabber, I tell you I really wanted to let out a primal scream, my frustration levels were so high. I’d taken the day off and knocked back some work for this viewing, and now I’d wasted my day. Meanwhile, my younger brother performed the minor miracle of getting my own car going. I guess he was invested in doing that so he could get his own car back.



Actor Donald Sutherland died today. Among all the TV tributes featuring his many great roles, including Don’t Look Now, Mash and Klute, I thought one important role was sadly overlooked. I’m talking about his greatest role: as Kate Bush’s dad in the Cloudbusting clip. Okay, I’m only half serious, but it’s a great music video (and song), worth checking out. Kate actually plays Sutherland’s character’s son. She makes an adorable boy. And it was a sign of her standing that she was able to get such a prestigious actor to play in her little music video. Click here for an interesting account of how she persuaded him. One other more obscure film I enjoyed Sutherland in was The First Great Train Robbery (with Sean Connery). We’re gonna miss your goofball grin, Donald. RIP.


I watched some Youtube, which is a thing I do from time to time, you know. Saw the new NewJeans music video for their song, Supernatural. Was very pleased to note it’s a citypop, apparently sampled from an old Pharell Williams tune. I tried to track down the original Williams song, but it’s not on Spotify. The vibe of the clip is very cinematic and impressionistic, even a little dark. Makes a contrast to the previous song and clip, the first Japanese single, Right Now, where the concept was cutesy and cartoony. And member Hyein‘s back, after recovering from an injury. I also saw a clip of Twice Nayeon in the studio recording her song, ABCD. She came off as very good, very professional, as did the Producer, Pdogg. I liked the way he gesticulated with his arms to guide Nayeon through the vocals, like a symphony conductor.

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