Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

I finished the anime Maken Ki season one last night. It never really let up with the lewdness, and the story wasn’t much chop, and it wasn’t as funny as the second season, but it satisfied my curiosity about the first season (yes, I watched it the wrong way around). One thing to note, I watched both shows in dub form, rather than my usual subs. I’m a sub guy mostly, but I watched the second season in dub and it made sense to keep that continuity. The American cast did a good job, especially the guy who did the voice of the main character, Takeru. But I thought the voice of the main female character, Haruko, didn’t fit. She sounded too whiney, where I imagine Haru’s voice should be sweet. You notice these things more when it’s the dub. Another reason why I don’t like dubs generally. The original Japanese voices are either always perfect, or you just don’t notice it so much. There was an extra disc in the set that featured a series of ridiculous lewd exercise videos. Each girl from the series was demonstrating sit ups or squats and other exercises and complaining how the viewer/camera seemed to be perving on their naughty bits. Which it was/we were. I’m not sure why I like crossing this weird cultural divide of ecchi anime. Maybe it’s because I can, or maybe I just get sick of Western Wokeness. I-I can’t explain. I have no words…Forgive me.


And now to something far more wholesome. I watched episode three of Time To Twice: Death Note on Youtube. They’ve upped the chaos factor with this ep and introduced new coloured pens, orange and green, and erasers, and only given a very vague explanation for what they do. Sana is top of the tally with two lives, but that can change at any moment with this show. She spends much of the episode crouched on the floor looking for more pens under tables and chairs, like a confused hamster. The narration suggests she is cleaning the floor, like a human broom. Other, more pro-active members, like Momo and Jeongyeon, swoop up a bunch of goodies, even though they’re not sure what to do with them. Tzuyu goes to the Death Zone and tries writing her name in both green and orange pens to see what that will result in. Going by some directions on a wall, some of the members speculate the orange pen doubles a life. Another feature, the Game Zone, is introduced and first to try it is Nayeon. She plays rock/paper/scissors with the stakes being 20 lives, and loses. She spends the rest of the episode complaining to anyone who will listen that she’s down 20 lives. My girl Mina seems a bit AWOL in this ep, but there’s a nice shot of her happily wandering the aisles looking like she’s already won the entire game. Chaeyoung, Tzuyu and Dahyun enter the Death Zone to write their names, but it seems many of the members are hoarding their goodies and waiting for the final round to be in a better position to know what to do with them. A good strategy. The end debrief, with the girls sitting around a table, reveals Momo and Nayeon with the biggest collection of erasers. How will they use them? Can they swap them for more pens? It’s getting confusing! This is definitely a show that rewards repeat viewings. So many details missed. The comments section also offers some good observations. One thing’s for sure: everyone’s having a good time. Final ep coming up, I think!

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