Thu. May 30th, 2024

The Twitter world in my Twice neck of the woods is abuzz with reports Twice will be releasing not one, but two full albums this year. Yay! I always knew there must be a new full Korean album, but a new Japanese album is a surprise. I’m guessing there will also be a single preceding it. The product never stops coming, for which I’m glad, but a little bit worried for the girls and their workload.

I watched the last of the season two 2wice Date videos today as well. As expected, it featured Jeongyeon and Sana, this time ‘glamping’ in some un-named facility. I hadn’t heard the term before, so that’s a new one on me – apparently it means a form of camping more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping. Which makes sense. Jeongyeon, who is a committed camper, was cooking up a mess of food, including something called tomahawk steak, for Sana, who mainly just sat back and ate. It was one of the most relaxed of the date videos, similar in a way to Jeongyeon’s date with Mina. Jeongyeon seems to have a relaxing way which puts people at ease. But, then again, so does Sana. Jeongyeon made a thing called tanghulu for dessert, which is basically glazed grapes, but I don’t think they came out too well – going by Sana’s response to them. I had these when I was in Japan, and they were one of my favourite things: like toffee apples but with grapes. I liked that they felt comfortable enough to talk about their strenuous work load. There was also a little reveal about the aborted Cry For Me album, which the group decided not to pursue because Jeongyeon could not participate in it (she was on medical hiatus). During the date they came up with a new ‘chemistry name’ for themselves (basically when two member’s names are combined as a friendship team). It was ‘No TG’ – a shortened version of ‘don’t take things for granted’. I wonder if there’ll be another season of 2wice Dates. If so, I want to see Dahyun and Jihyo together. Have they ever teamed up?


I got around to watching one of the films on my PVR today. It was The Stars Look Down, a 1940 black and white, directed by Carol Reed (who later made The Third Man) and based on the A.J. Cronin novel. It’s a ‘down t’pit’ coal mining town film, well-acted by Michael Redgrave, Margaret Lockwood, Emlyn Williams (him especially) and others, and mostly well-made – though the cinematographer seemed to have slipped his f-stops a couple of times when scenes were almost whited out. There’s an exciting mine cave-in scene near the end. But the best bit is Redgrave’s character Davey Fenwick giving a fiery polemic against the privatisation of coal mines and other industries that use natural resources. It should be mandatory viewing for all mine owners; though I suspect Gina Rinehart and her ilk would just laugh it off. Reed includes a montage of honest work being done at the coalmine overlaying the speech. A nice stylistic touch. Otherwise, the politics are a bit soft. The film opens with the mine workers holding a wildcat strike against the Union’s orders, but we’re never given any insight into the union’s activities, or its objections. Later, the greedy duplicitous mine owner is shown heroically helping the miners during the cave-in. But it’s too little too late. Presumably, the stars look down…and cry.

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