Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

2001 A Space Odyssey was on the TV this morning. I noticed a number of continuity faults in the conference on the moon scene. It was mainly just actors having their hands in the wrong place between cuts, but it was distracting. Kubrick is such a stickler for all the other technical aspects of the film, you’d think he could get that right. Looking at it now, that conference room where Doctor Floyd gives his report about the Object, with those big white screens that surround him – there’s so much more Kubrick could have done with that. They look like three green screens (or white screens) waiting to be lit up with images that illustrate the content of Floyd’s report. I guess it’s easy to nitpick the film’s dated elements, but it still holds up as an impressive piece of groundbreaking scifi, some of which has yet to be surpassed.


The power of sadness

I watched another episode of my season two Yashahime anime. Just three eps to go. It’s coming to a head now as the Grim Comet that threatened to destroy the present world is hurled back in time to the feudal era by Kirin, who was once the arm of main antagonist Kirinmaru. With that, our three MC’s, Towa, Setsuna and Moroha, prepare to depart from the present era to join the fight in the feudal era. But first they must say farewell to Towa’s adoptive family, who consist of Kagome’s (from Inuyasha) mother and grandfather, and her brother and his family, including his daughter, Mei. Mei’s sad, almost angry expression at the three hero’s imminent departure is truly heartbreaking. It’s unusual to see children in animes looking this sad. It illustrates the dramatic power of sadness.


A more prosaic fight occurred today in Britain with the election which saw the Conservatives swept out and Keir Starmer’s Labor get in. What a pity Jeremy Corbyn wasn’t leading them this time around. He did regain his Islington North seat, but this time as an Independent. Next up it’s the French election.

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