Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

LGBTQI issues are big in the library system I’m a part of. We’re supportive and we’re anti-censorship when it comes to material about them. The teenage section is where a lot of this material can be found in a library. But it can be challenging offering it to parents of teenagers as potential reading material. We need to tread carefully here in the times when we get to do a reader’s advisory for them. One such incident happened to me today whilst on my book run out to the country. I have a patron called Heather who likes to borrow teenage graphic novels for her early teens daughter. When I found myself avoiding selecting novels for her that had a trans or gay theme, I figured it was time I asked her if she was okay with it. She was. She said her daughter has friends who have gay parents, and is constantly exposed to the topic at school, so she may as well read about it. It’s one thing to let patrons borrow whatever books they want off the shelves, but when you’re selecting for them this question has to be asked. Whether we like it or not, it’s still controversial and we still need to be sensitive about it. Still.


I was reading through one of my Tarot books today, called The Tarot Directory by Annie Lionnet. It’s a beautiful ring-binder style book full of illustrations of the many amazing Tarot decks that are out there. I really want to get a Japanese Ukiyoe set, it looks amazing. The different sections are indexed according to Tarot Basics, Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, The Reading and Case Histories, which look at the different spreads. I’m up to the section on Preparing For a Reading. It’s all about setting the right mood, creating a ‘sacred space’. Choosing the right deck is important too. It must be one you feel a special affinity for. In my case, the Buffy deck I bought recently would definitely be the one. I’ve even ‘cleansed’ it by the light of a full moon. It’s apparently a no-no to use someone else’s deck, because ‘It’s not possible to imprint your own psychic vibration on the cards and make them personal to you if someone else has already colored them with their own energetic imprint.’ Isn’t that great? This also means if you buy a second hand deck, you can admire the cards, but you wouldn’t use them for a reading.

I also did a little study of the second card in the Major Arcana, The Magician card (I plan to study them all). According to the book it emphasises Guidance, New Opportunities and Creative Initiative. I was particularly struck by its association with creativity. It ‘acts as a mediator between the divine and human realms and symbolizes the link between the conscious and the unconscious mind’. In practical terms it invokes for me the energies I feel I have to muster when I’m beginning a creative project, even just in sitting down to write these humble Diary entries. The Magician card indicates ‘a huge reservoir of power and energy is available for both creative and intellectual pursuits’. Incidentally, I love this David Bowie Magician card I found on the net. So cool. Must check out the deck.


I had a session of playing my new copy of Journey, the Playstation 4 game I bought yesterday. I actually finished it in this one sitting because, since I’d completed it many times before, all the entry point portals were open to me, and I inadvertently chose the final one. That last stretch of the game is pretty amazing, where our protagonist, a be-caped Bedouin with a magical scarf, struggles through snow, wind and winged beasties to reach its destination, the entrance at the top of the mountain. It’s only with the help of some spirit guides that we get there in the end, as they offer us their spritual/kinetic energy for the final flight, which is exhilarating. I like that there’s no great reward when we make it to the end of our Journey. We seem to be reconstituted as a wandering ball of energy, or a star, and we fly back along the path we came to our beginning place. There’s something spiritual and contemplative about this game that keeps you coming back for more. I’m already thinking I’ll replay, but this time I’ll take one of the other portals, maybe the first one.

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