Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Now that Twice‘s new mini album, WIth You-th, is out there’s a whole bunch of promotional material to go with it, and I’m absolutely here for it. Watched a video where the ladies practice the dance for the song One Spark, the latest single. In the early part there’s lots of goofing around while they block the spaces and work out what to do. Their instructor has a lot of work ahead of her, but they knuckle down. Later, when they start practicing to the song it starts to come together and there’s an exhilarating energy when they finally nail the dance. I guess it’s not for everyone, but I could watch them watch paint dry and be absolutely mesmerized. I’m that kind of fan.

A little later, I saw the making of video for the One Spark video. That’s right, we not only get the music video but we also get the making of, often in multi parts. I love this. The music videos go by so fast, there’s not enough time to take everything in. So it’s great to get a closer look at the ladies in the outfits they wore and the behind the scenes incidents and fun times. There’s an amazing sequence of Dahyun crying on cue for a scene which ends up lasting less than a second in the final video. Poor Dubu…At one point oldest member Nayeon comes in and, seeing her junior member crying, asks accusingly “Who made her cry?” Later, we see Mina chilling out playing a game on her hand held. She reminisces about an earlier shoot when Jeongyeon tried to interview her on camera but she could not because she was too absorbed in her game. My darling otaku Mitang…A sequence involving Nayeon finally answers a question I had about the music video. It’s of Nayeon looking hungrily at a cake. Very similar to a scene that appeared in the Donut video because again she’s wearing a beret (she looks good in berets). But there’s something wrong with her nose, a dark smudge on the right side. What is it, did she get a nose job or something? Turns out she had a big pimple there. We see a makeup artist covering it up, but it’s still not perfect. My poor vain Nabong….


Still on the Kpop vibe, there was a news piece on email channel Allkpop I subscribe to about girl group Nmixx that momentarily threw me for a loop. The title was ‘J.Y. Park says he gives up on NMixx’s Bae?‘ Bae is one of my favourite members of Nmixx and the text seemed to be saying that J.Y.P., the company’s founder (see main picture), was letting her go due to some unknown transgression. I was actually horrified. But it turned out this was a setup for a promo for a new web entertainment show the company was making called ‘The Second Life of Those Given Up by Company’. Phew! But you have to understand, this sort of humour is a bit close to the bone for us NMixx fans (we’re called NSWERs – answers) since one of their members, Jinni, actually left the group (or was kicked out) under mysterious and distressing circumstances. Their latest mini album, FE304, is fantastic, by the way.


The Dune 2 social media trends continue. Saw a fantastic video on Youtube titled The Real Stars of Dune, about the real planets featured in the novel. Great computer graphics, informative commentary. Apparently Arrakis is fictional, but Canopus, the sun it revolves around, isn’t.


I cancelled my subscription to Andromeda Spaceways magazine today. It’s been a great mag, with lots of terrific scifi, fantasy and horror short stories, but basically I just don’t have time to read it. I already have a backlog of the things to go through. And the last issue I read, #92, I have to say the quality had gone down. I have a bunch of reviews I wrote about the mag here, if you’re interested.


Read my LibraryThing: State of the Thing newsletter for February. This is a monthly email post I receive about the site which is basically a database for book lovers, not unlike Goodreads, but I think it’s better. Lots of really good info about the state of the book world, including interviews, awards notices, lists, talk and even a In Memoriam section. One item that caught my eye was a discussion about Space Opera happening in the Science Fiction Fans section of the site. I gave it a read and it was full of great recommendations about the sub genre. I’m familiar with the early space opera writers, like Doc EE Smith and Isaac Asimov and his Foundation series, but I haven’t really got around to the later authors. I’ll have to give them a try, when I have the time.

I saw in the In Memoriam section there that British writer Christopher Priest died recently. He was 80. I loved his book The Space Machine, a kind of amalgam of HG Wells’ Time Machine and War of the Worlds. He also wrote the book The Prestige, which was made into a good film by Christopher Nolan (featuring David Bowie as Nikola Tesla). RIP Chris.

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