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Isaac Asimov


This is a collection of some of Asimov’s final writings, including short stories and articles about science fiction and writing science fiction. The short stories are a rather desultory bunch. Too many of them rely on bad puns for their effect (something Asimov had an unfortunate weakness for). The best deal with dilemmas posed by science and society. The title story, which won a Hugo, seems to reference his novel, The Gods Themselves, and speaks to his legacy. There are lots of robots and computers here, as well as the usual lot of hubristic scientists – Asimov specialties.

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Robots, authors, rivalry

Robot rights


Left To Right

Parity reversal machine experiment, anti-matter generator, bad pun




War, computers, Dr Strangelove, doomsday machine

Pacifism, human limitations, hubris



YA, dome city, wise computer, alien contact, colonisation, neutron star

Preserving alien life, empathy, vocation


The Instability

Big Bang, time travel, stasis drive, red dwarf star, disaster



Alexander the God

Computers, stock market, classic history, greed



In the Canyon

Mars, settlement, epistolary



Goodbye To Earth

Cities in space, exodus, orbiting settlements, Nemesis novel




Puns, Mars, vote, sovereignty, star drive



Feghoot and the Courts

Aliens, alien law, bad pun




Computers, diary entries, computer as author, authors made redundant, automation

Vocation, leisure society


Kid Brother

Robots, families, robot integration, tragedy

Robot rights, empathy


The Nations In Space

Orbital solar power stations, nation rivalry, energy disaster

Empathy, co-operation, interconnected world


The Smile of the Chipper

Cybernisation, computer implants, sexual politics, business competition

Sexism, misogyny, deviousness



The Gods Themselves, King Lear, immortality, creativity, enhanced cinema

Artistic expression