Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Mon, 10 June (King’s Birthday)

My big ticket item for today, the King’s Birthday (snicker), was watching Furiosa at the local. As expected, it was another eye-popping extravaganza of sight and sound and story, like the previous Mad Max, Fury Road. George Miller combines action and drama like no other, he leaves Jackson and Spielberg in the shade. Much has been made of the action set-pieces, and yes, they’re amazing, but I really liked the special quiet moments where Miller allows some poetry in. A dazzling time-lapse shot of Furiosa’s wig hanging from a branch being covered by flowers in the fullness of time. Artfully framed tableaux of War Boys resting on their motor rigs against red skies. It’s a film that’s notably and intentionally short on dialogue, but when it comes it has an impact. Wry and funny and to the point, Chris Hemsworth, playing young Furiosa’s nemesis, gave some of the best line readings. His unsentimental farewell to his team mates during the final confrontation with Furiosa was one of my favourites. When Anya Taylor-Joy’s Furiosa confronts him at the end with ‘I want them back’, it breaks your heart. When it was all over, the first thing I wanted to do was re-watch Fury Road. It really sets us up for that film.


I had thought to watch Fury Road, but didn’t give myself enough time. Instead I watched eps 5 and 6 of my Yashahime bluray. The sixth episode was a lot of fun, with Aiya, a spoiled princess, getting Setsuna to double for her in order to escape her studies, and her tutor is Hisui, demon slayer filling in for his sister Kin’u, who is equally skiving off. Aiya’s insane cackle when she’s enjoying herself (even when she is in the grip of an octopus’s tentacles!) is something to behold. I’m enjoying this even more second time around.

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