Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

I’m putting yesterday and today’s Diaries together here coz yesterday’s wasn’t much. I had a first listen to Twice Nayeon’s NA album on Spotify. Then a second and third. It gets better each time. Specially like Magic so far. It’s a pity some of the song titles are so generic. There’s even one called Heaven, and there’s a good song with that same title on RM’s new album (other artists I know who have that title are Carl Wilson, Talking Heads, Bryan Adams, Eurogliders, the list goes on). The single and music video of ABCD includes a nice dance break section near the end, but it doesn’t seem to be on the album version, which is an edit. I’ll be getting the album digipak soon, so maybe the hard copy includes an extended version? The song seems to be doing the biz on the charts and the music shows. Go Nabong!


In more Twice news, there was a funny picture of Twice Sana on Twitter/X recently. It was snapped at her Prada event and features a female fan seeing beautiful Sana close up and, well, look at the picture. Most posters sympathized with the girl – while laughing at her.


Getting up close and personal with Kpop artists seems to be a theme today. I Watched a video on Youtube called Aespa Secret Transfer Student. They performed at a high school and interacted with some of the students. Though some students were noticeably cool about them, clearly not fans, many of the students were and went off their heads. It was great to see, and I definitely identify. It would’ve been a good day at school, seeing Aespa do Supernova and Armageddon. The girl who won the silly competition they put on nominated Savage as her favourite song, and got to sing and dance along to the song with the members as her gift. Lucky girl. It was just fun watching the members be themselves.


In yet more Twice news, next up was a Youtube of the other Twice members viewing Nayeon’s music video for ABCD, with the lady in question present. As expected, everyone was supportive of their Unnie’s efforts and offered many encouraging comments. I’ve mentioned before there’s what I’m sure will be an iconic part in the dance break section where Nayeon puts her hand on or near her crotch. When this was shown, the other members screamed with delight (or was it shock?). Jihyo asked, ‘Are we allowed to do that?’ Nayeon just looked kind of sheepish. In any case, I’m glad they didn’t just pass over it (or much worse, censor it). Jihyo quipped that Nayeon likes to play alone (with herself). Weirdly, the video came to an abrupt end when Chaeyoung spotted some bug near her, and the others panicked with her and did a runner – all except Dahyun, who stayed to inspect the insect. We’ve seen this before: Dubu ain’t afraid of no bugs, bless her.


New Car Saga

I drove my brother’s car to work today while my own car was out of action. His car’s got a cd player, so I used it to listen to one of my Shibuya City Pop albums I brought back with me from Japan. It’s a good album but not what I expected at the time. Many of the songs are not what I would call City Pop. Some are almost loungey, and others are indie. One song reminds me of my faves Stereolab. There is at least one classic City Pop song, Stay With Me, by Miki Matsubara. Despite the false advertising, I’m digging listening to this album in the good old-school way – via the car cd player. Cruisin’!

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