Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Read the latest Librarything newsletter. As usual, it was chockers with good info. I read a bit of the science fiction newsboard, where there were lively discussions about the best books of the month and of what others were reading, including a comment about reading the Philip Jose Farmer’s Riverworld series and how it needed condensing. It’s a thought I had when I originally read the series, and it led me to doing my own rebuild of it, essentially condensing the material as suggested by the above reader. I’ll include a blog about how I did this soon in the Archive section. Elsewhere, under Freedom of Expression, there was a report about countries where authors were jailed for their writing. China came out on top with 105 imprisoned last year, with Iran second with 47. There was also a link to the recent ABC coverage of the Cumberland City Council protests in Sydney. It was citizen actions like that that overturned the original stupid decision to have books about same sex marriages banned. In all, the work that goes into the newsletter is quite impressive. There are so many links, so many issues covered in each edition.


The beacons are lit

I’m so behind in my social media viewing. There have been so many Twitter/X items of interest to me, I don’t know where to start. The Ad Professor’s 12 Most Creative Billboard Ads. thread was a good one. The Viagra billboard has a nice visual pun. During last year’s Twice concerts member Momo wowed us with her pole dancing expertise as part of her solo performance. Her practice clips have just gone up and they are awesome. James Lucas did
a nice thread of Historical Photos You’ve Probably Never Seen Before which included Juliane Koepcke, a girl who fell out of a plane in 1974 and not only survived the fall but survived in the Amazon Jungle for ten days; and an amazing photo of a telegraph pole linesman giving cpr to his electrocuted colleague who hangs upside down on the pole. Lil Waist’s Best Kpop Releases of 2024 So Far was heavily weighted towards gens 4 and 5, but I’m not complaining. There were many artists and songs I didn’t know, so it made a good Kpop advisory for little old me. Lastly, good old JRR Jokien’s The Beacons Are Lit meme featuring a picture of a bird seemingly
demonstrating just that, was a gem. There are so many more I could list. 

I borrowed from my library and watched the start of the anime Maken Ki season one today. This is what’s known as an ecchi anime, basically meaning Hentai (pervert) with a small h. So, not exactly pornographic, but getting there. It’s a peculiarly Japanese phenomenon in anime and manga where it’s okay to have explicit pantie shots of young girls (sometimes so explicit there’s some camel toe!) and very big boobies just a’hangin’ out. It’s okay because the boys who usually amass these harems of girls, and who sexually harass them, are always given some comeuppance for their dirty deeds. When I first saw an ecchi, which was the second season of Maken Ki, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Why were the boys’ noses always spouting blood when they were around girls? Was it a metaphor for you-know-what? Have we time-warped back to the Seventies when Benny Hill was King? Admittedly, some of it was crazy funny: especially an episode of MK season two featuring a lecherous German-accented Teddy Bear (‘My goodness, these are Zeppelins!’ he shouts when a well-endowed girl hugs him to her big breasts). There is actually a story here, and there’s character development, and some of it’s even sweet, but season one is shaping up to be even more lewd than season two was. Call it a guilty pleasure and just leave it at that then, shall we?

My audio interface is really giving me the shits. I managed to get an output from the computer to the amp with it, that was fine. But getting input from an amp to the computer with it was highly problematic, let’s say. My computer just doesn’t read the Instr 2 input, even though there’s definitely sound going into it from the amp. I tried a bunch of combinations and settings but nothing’s worked. The Mic/Line 1 input goes through, but it’s doing weird things when I use an amp source. It sends microphones okay, though. It’s very frustrating. At this point I’m thinking I’ll just set up the old desktop comp and audio interface for dedicated digitising and leave it at that. Sorry for the vent, but I’ve gotta get it out.

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