Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Started playing that What Goes On Lou Reed covers album in the car. It’s been a treat. As expected, that Rachel Sweet version of New Age is fantastic. Starting off quiet, she and the band rock out in the second half and it sounds fine. Reminds me a bit of Pat Benatar at her best. I really like the Primitives’ cool indie take on I’ll Be Your Mirror. Why Don’t You Smile Now, a Lou song I don’t know, is covered by The Delmonas, who sound like a raw sixties garage band, though the song was recorded in 1986. I love it – has a touch of early Kinks. Swervedriver’s Jesus is awesome, a rock-out version that makes complete sense. Tracey Thorn, of Everything But the Girl, sings Femme Fatale in what sounds like a weird key to me. It’s a different voice to her EBTG voice, and I don’t know if I like it. Mitch Ryder and the Detroit’s Rock n Roll is high octane energy in a similar vein to their Devil In the Blue Dress. A stunning cover. Possibly best of all is the Dynamics’ reggae take on Walk On the Wild Side. It just makes sense. It also reminds me of all the things I didn’t know when I was a young teen listening to that song for the first time. Shaved her legs then he was a she – what did that mean? I never figured Lou was talking about trans people. And Coloured girls – what’s that? I may have had an inkling of what giving head meant, but I can’t be certain. Listening to this album, I get the feeling that Lou’s songs sound good no matter who’s singing them.


Lately in the news the Mainstream Media have been all over the French election. I think that’ s largely because Marine Le Pen won the first round of votes and they actually want her to win. This happened last time, when she lost out to Macron. I couldn’t understand it, but now I just think the msm are behind Marine Le Pen because they can’t get enough of her and her racist Fascism – because they are racists and fascist. And it’s all come clear now that the left party, the New Popular Front, has beaten her out in the second round. It seems to have gutted them. They’re now trying to present the Left’s supporters as violent, and the Left as some amorphous blob, not the amalgam of Socialists and Communists that they are. Their leaders are made completely anonymous by them. Writing this from a couple of days later, they’ve already gone well silent about it, completely lost interest.



From MyAnimeList comes the mouth watering offer of Limited Edition Ghost In the Shell Ukiyo-e woodblock prints. Featuring the key visual from the 1995 film, each one is ‘meticulously handcrafted using traditional Japanese techniques…by skilled artisans’. At approx 80,000 yen or $800, the price is also eye watering. But considering what they are, it’s expected. I’d like one, please.

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