Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Review: Dune 2

Had a day off from work, so I went to the movies on this sunny day. It was Dune 2 in Boronia. I had planned to re-watch the first film to refresh my memory, but didn’t get around to it. I think a lot of people did that. I know the copies we have of the dvd in my library have been pretty popular lately, and that’s probably why. It didn’t matter anyway, I got up to speed pretty quickly once the film started. It was a 2:45 session and there were just four people in the cinema, including me. This is something I like a lot. Plenty of places to sit, no annoying people in your way. Of course the film was great, but I had some small issues with the story and character development. Stilgar comes off as a bit of a religious nutter, instead of the kickass warrior he is in the book. Paul’s surprising birth connection to the Harkonnens is given short shrift. And some of the staging of the final battle, I dunno, could’ve been better. Paul’s mother, Lady Jessica, seems to remain pregnant for a long time. Surely the action takes place over a period longer than nine months? That’s a long pregnancy! But I love the fact that Jessica’s unborn baby, Alia, speaks to her from the womb because the ‘water of life’ her mother has taken has awakened her mind. I wrote a brief review of the film on my Letterboxd channel. It was just this: ‘Must be the only film that features a main character who is a baby in the womb’.

Dune 2 is really trending on social media at the moment. I read a couple of interesting threads on my X/Twitter, which I retweeted. One post, from Pulp Librarian, looked at the early struggles to bring Dune to the screen. Another, by Moschindorito, pointed out the reasons why Star Wars is just a worse version of Dune.

The Dune 2 social media trends continue. Saw a fantastic video on Youtube titled The Real Stars of Dune, about the real planets featured in the novel. Great computer graphics, informative commentary. Apparently Arrakis is fictional, but Canopus, the sun it revolves around, isn’t.