Thu. May 30th, 2024

Yesterday was another day when work and life got in the way, so I don’t have much pop culturing to report for that one. I watched a couple of episodes of By the Grace of the Gods, but was too tired to concentrate, so went to bed early. I have a vague memory that the episodes (4 and 5 of season 2) continued in the unsatisfying vein of the previous ones. I guess Iyashikeis can walk a fine line between being delightful and being boring, and these episodes crossed over for me.


My newsletter had a nice list of ‘The Best Sailor Moon AMVs of All Time‘. I think AMVs stand for Amateur Music Videos, which means videos fans have made using scenes from Sailor Moon played out over favourite pop and rock songs. I had a look at some of them on Youtube and found them thoroughly enjoyable. Some nice music choices too, including Evanescence and Sia. The clip for Sia’s song Unstoppable was especially good. I liked that, unlike so many of them that feature the Sailor Moon Crystal version, this one featured the original Sailor Moon anime from the 90s. And the use of the line ‘I put my armor on, show you how strong I am’ paired with Usagi‘s transformation sequence was inspired. The Youtuber responsible was someone called Kyuna_edits. Good job, Kyuna! There was some quite dramatic clips featuring some pretty heavy melodramatic music. I’d forgotten how angsty the show could be sometimes. The editing for some of these was exceptional. I could’ve spent an hour or more watching these, but I limited myself to just a few. By the way, I think Ranker needs to update its lists. This one was actually dated to 2016.

I had thought to explain here why, not being a teenage girl (or woman who was a teenage girl), I love Sailor Moon, but you know, I think I won’t. I don’t need to explain myself. Watch the show (preferably the original 90s version, and that first season – my favourite) and you’ll see why it’s good. It was clearly an influence on Joss Whedon when he created Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show. I have a long list of references he used, but I won’t go into them here, just think about it. When I was in Tokyo last year, I caught a glimpse of the Tokyo Tower, and immediately flashed on an image of Usagi running down the street in her school uniform, with toast in her mouth. My little…rabbit.


Caught up with some Twice-themed Youtubes to finish off the night. The first one was Mina’s Fendi show in Paris video. The members have been doing a few fashion shows of late, but it’s not my thing. I only watched this one because it was my fave, Mina. I enjoyed seeing some new quirks of her character working away from her Twice pals (they act very different when they’re alone), but there wasn’t much else in it. She mentioned a cat that seemed to follow her everywhere in her hotel and whose presence was said to be good luck. At one point, after the show, she was offered a line of French delicacies to eat that all looked revolting to me. She tentatively tried some caviar, but it didn’t look like she liked it. I’m glad. If you knew how caviar is taken from the poor sturgeon you wouldn’t either.

The other vid was another in the 2wice Date series, this time featuring Tzuyu and Dahyun, or DaTzu. They were participating in a flower arrangement class and chatting about their friendship and their lives. It was all very cute and healing but the conversation didn’t stray into any revealing areas. I liked the bit where they each took a thorn from a rose and placed them on their noses. I remember doing that when I was a kid. The rhinoceros nose. I really wanted to know if either of them were going to do some official solo things, like Nayeon, Jihyo and Misamo have done. Apart from what’s called their ‘Melody Projects’ (solo showcases), neither of them, or Chaeyoung, has done an official solo release. The three of them are the youngest members, the Maknaes, and they do have a collective title, the Twice Meal Club, from a series of videos they made early on. Could that be an official solo project? I don’t know. Visually the three members look a little ungainly. Chaeyoung and Dahyun or both quite short, while Tzuyu’s the tallest member. Chaeyoung and Dahyun could make a great duo. In fact they did a Melody Project for the song Switch To Me under the name DubChaeng and they looked so good together. The two are the featured rappers in the group, though lately they haven’t had much to do in that regard as Twice’s singles seem to be moving away from having rap breakdowns. Perhaps they could go into other areas. Dahyun has proven herself to be a talented TV presenter, she’s so extra when the camera’s on her…And so on. Anyway, that’s sort of how I hoped the conversation would go. Sometimes you have to answer your own questions.

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