Mon. Apr 15th, 2024
Art by Victoria Frances

Started reading a graphic novel called Mall Goth by Kate Leth. What I thought would be a fun light read has turned into a slightly angsty dark read. Funny about that. Liv, the main character, starts a new life in a new town and a new school with her mum and often absent father. She makes friends at school, including Jake, a goth boy who has a girlfriend, and Mr Trent, her English teacher who has boundary issues. I like the chunky art style and dig all the goth iconography on show (Tim Burton movie posters in the girl’s bedroom: check; Edgar Alan Poe references: check; Evanescence screen saver: check; hanging out in graveyards: check, check). This is really why I read books like this: I’m drawn to the goth world and its imagery. I remember first encountering the concept back in college in the shape of a couple of female students who were into it. It seemed new, outrageous and eye-opening at the time. I bought The Birthday Party‘s The Bad Seed EP around then, and really got into it. It’s still an amazing bunch of songs, even now. But I

Me as Raskolnikov

never achieved goth boy status, myself. I was more Russian existentialist, or French Godard film freak. I’ve noticed the goth thing seems to be a phase people go through, especially when they’re young. Old goths seem a bit embarrassing, like old rockers or metal nuts. But I won’t lie, I still have a thing for goths, especially goth women. I still gaze mesmerized by my Victoria Frances vampire babe poster on the wall in my study. I still love all things Buffy. I adore goth (sometimes called symphonic) metal bands like Within Temptation and Lacuna Coil, which both feature hot goth babe singers (actually saw Lacuna once – Cristina!). I even made a multi-media project around a goth girl character I found on the net. It included a comic, films and even a song. I’ll present it here under Archives at some point. Check out my Spotify goth playlist here. That’s it, I’m goth’d out. Time to move on.


Finished watching that film Current Wars. George Westinghouse won, sort of. Edison went on to invent the phonograph, for which I think we’re all eternally grateful. Nice one Thomas. I just wish you weren’t such a thieving, greedy, animal-killing bastard.


Spent a lovely Saturday night watching that Russian film, Planet of Storms, on Youtube. As mentioned before, this is the film that was the basis for those two ‘Voyage’ films Roger Corman had made. The crisp print and the direct English subtitles of Storms was like a veil lifted from mine eyes after the low budget murkiness of those two other films. I’ll give a full writeup about these films in a later blog. But I gave this film 3 and a half out of 5 stars. It was pretty solid.

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