Thu. May 23rd, 2024

I spent much of the day finishing the reboot of my Planet Jeongyeon to Planet Chaeyoung No Man’s Sky machinima. That meant adding a text commentary, some background music and a couple of insert images of Chaeyoung. I checked out the end result up on Youtube on my large screen tv and it looked pretty good. Still not sure what I’m doing, but I got my first Like on Youtube today for the previous video in the series. I don’t know who they were, but Bless You for the Likey!


Finished off the night with some Youtubes. The main one was the latest 2wice Date episode, which featured Twice members Chaeyoung and Jihyo (JiChaeng) talking and having a meal at a strange ‘darkness’ cafe. For the first half of the episode they were actually sitting in the dark, eating their meal and occasionally playing with a lie detector device they were provided with. This allowed for a confession that Chaeyoung, who is the second youngest member, is still a little uncomfortable around Jihyo, who is the group’s leader, and with whom she still uses formal language with. It was only a modest reveal, nothing to get excited about, but we Onces live by these details. One nice moment was when they touched each others faces in the dark. Soon, the lights were turned on and the ‘date’ reached its conclusion with each member reading the letters they had written to each other in the dark (yes, in the dark!). Both members have recently been revealed to have boyfriends, but I guess it would’ve been too much to ask for them to talk about them, or the ‘controversy’ around how it got reported. Next week should be the final 2wice Date, which will feature Sana and the return of one other member. Odds seem to favour it being Jeongyeon. We’ll see.

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