Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

I followed a new account on X/Twitter called The byline is ‘Scholarly analysis and entertaining articles on Japan’s society, economy and politics’. They put up an article about the real ninjas of Japan, and it’s deflating. Seems your average ninja looked like a merchant and would walk through the front door, because wearing black and sneaking around wasn’t a good way to spy. You get caught, how do you deny you were spying? Humph! Next, they’ll be telling us they never used shurikens or ran across roofs with their arms held stiff. Anyway, not a day goes by I don’t think of my Japan trip. I dine out on those memories and smile. I definitely left a part of myself behind there. He’s still walking around, taking in the sights and experiences. Guess I’ll have to go back to reconnect with him!


I had a listen to that Twice playlist I mentioned recently, the one featuring You Get Me/The Feels/Four Leaf Clover. It was groovin’ four on the floor entertainment! I plan to make some more of these themed genre playlists based on info from that video of the Genres of Every Twice Song.


Still on the Twice vibe, I watched some Twice TV on Youtube. This one was the “New York Promotion Days” Behind featuring their visit to a Barnes and Noble book store where there was an in-store promotion for the new album With You-th. Much banter and laughter ensued, with Chaeyoung cementing her bias wrecker reputation in my heart with her proud purchase of Tyler the Creator and a Prince album on LP. Of course she has a record player. That’s my girl. Then to my main bias, Mina, with another wrecker, Jeongyeon, and their new 2wice’s Date Season Two episode JEONGMI. They were both making Lego cars, mainly because Jeongyeon expressed a desire to do something Mina liked. Whilst working on the cars they chatted up a storm, which is unusual particularly for Mina, who’s an introvert. Jeongyeon, who’s not a Lego expert, struggled with her car, while Mina had hers finished early. The conversation ranged far and wide, but not in the direction I was especially interested in: namely, the possibility of a Jeongyeon solo album. The conversation about diets was revealing. I’d never thought of having bland food to manage a diet, but that’s what Mina said she did. Jeongyeon added that tasty food was no good because it made you want to have more. At the end Jeongyeon said Mina had talked enough for her and now needed a rest. Their comfortable friendship was a balm to the soul. Today, as I write this, is Mina’s birthday (I’m a day behind), just a few days from mine.

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