Fri. Jun 21st, 2024
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Kpop group Aespa are offering a version of their new Armageddon album that includes a special portable cd player with it. It’s a crazy marketing ploy with a touch of genius, because that version of the album is already sold out on pre-sales alone. Unfortunately it’s only available to Korean fans, at the moment. It’s silly, but I guess I’d like a copy too, even though I’ve already ordered the standard version. The cd player looks pretty cool, but as some observers have pointed out, it’s the equivalent of a $30 player going for over $100. This will be the group’s first full length album, and I’m so here for it.


The Sonata. My car?

I’m looking for a new car, so today I checked out Car City, a big car sales complex just outside Ringwood. I wasn’t looking to buy, just to browse, get an idea of what I like (it’s been a while since I bothered). The searching was a bit of an adventure in itself. I worried I’d get constantly harassed by aggressive salesmen, but they were pretty chill. One, a black dude, smiled at me and said I reminded him of Larry David, the comedian from Curb Your Enthusiasm. I sarcastically thanked him. David’s doppelganger on Seinfeld was George, and guess what I used to get called by some (cheeky) students when I was a teacher? Yep, George. And I HATED it. I guess the salesman was looking to get a conversation going, but I wasn’t biting. My old car’s a nice Holden station wagon, and I’d like something similar, but they don’t make station wagons like they used to. I’m looking to move on from my usual Holdens or Fords. The Toyotas looked good, especially the Camrys. I liked some Hyundais, too, especially one called a Sonata. I like the musical name. As I looked around the lots it occurred to me that what I was really looking for was a Goldilocks car – one that was juuust right. I was just waiting for a salesman to ask me, ‘What do you want, mate?’ ‘I’m looking for the Goldilocks model. Have ya got one of those, mate?’

Larry and me. Resemblance? Na!


I watched the second half of Poppin’ Party’s First Concert, one of the blurays I brought back from Japan with me. They are the musicians and voices behind the characters in the BangDream anime: basically a very cute Jpop girl band. Watching the concert is pretty much like watching the anime in real life (though, truth be told, the anime girls are a little cuter). The songs and performances were great, and the girls’ musicianship and vocals were superb. I wonder if the girls would ever like to establish their own musical identities outside of the anime show they’re attached to. It’s an age old dilemma, most famously represented by The Monkees. I’ve seen a lot of these Jpop and Jrock concerts, and they’re always a good time. Girls with guitars (and drums and keys), it’s a beautiful thing.

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