Thu. May 23rd, 2024
Rick Beato on his Everything Music vlog

I taped some Rage this morning, mainly for the NewJeans clip for the song Bubblegum. There all the five girls were chewing, uh, bubblegum. Talk about literal! I’m still finding my way with this song. The unusual thing about the clip was the context – it was in amongst the latest top 10 chart hits played this morning. Thus, there was Taylor Swift (twice), Ariana Grande and someone called Sabrina Carpenter, among others in this batch. What, no Ed Sheeran…? It has sometimes happened that a Kpop group gets in the charts here. It’s usually been BTS or Blackpink, so this was new to me. Needless to say, I’ll be very happy if I ever see Twice here.

Anyway, later this day, I was watching some Youtubes and a clip came up on my feed titled I Thought The Spotify Top 10 Couldn’t Get Worse, by some guy called Rick Beato. Classic clickbait, so I had to check it out. It just so happened this guy Rick was reviewing a number of the songs I’d just taped on my PVR this morning. I liked the way he listened to a bit of a song, caught the chords, melody and feel, then played along on his guitar, then pronounced the song good or bad. He seemed to know his stuff, old Rick, and his reactions were funny. He gave the Taylor Swifts a thumbs down, but Ariana and Hozier each got an enthusiastic thumbs up, and Sabrina a guarded okay.

It made me go back to the clips I’d taped, and the Sabrina song, called Espresso, really started to grab me. In the clip Sabrina’s trying very hard to look like a suntanned bimbo, complete with collagen lips, as she cavorts on a beach with a bunch of himbos, and succeeding. But it’s all very tongue in cheek, and there’s a gorgeous enlarged sun in the background, an extraneous detail, but it gives the clip an amazing mood. And then there’s the song, which is a city pop, by any other name. So, I’m liking it. Thanks Rick, thanks Sabrina!


On the same Youtube session there was a new promotion for the latest Time To Twice reality program. This time the concept is Death Note, based on the popular manga and anime. Most of the teaser’s in black and white, with the Twice girls looking nervous, shady and/or investigative, not unlike the Crime Scene eps from last year. A new Time To Twice is always a joy for us Onces, so I can’t wait for Friday (they’re always shown on Fridays). Expect ongoing reports! On a similar note, I saw a report in Allkpop that Twice’s Dahyun (was) in talks to make her acting debut on the big-screen. The film in question is an independent called Speed. This will be so great if it happens. Dahyun (her nickname’s Dubu – tofu) has already shown her acting chops in various tv productions. So, looks like Dubu will debut!


I’m going to be buying a new desktop computer soon, largely because of this blog. At work I sometimes sneak a look at it on our large screen computers, and I love how it looks on them. Makes such a big difference to my crappy little laptop screen. It’s been more than ten years since I bought my last desktop, and of course there will be other applications I can use it for. So I’m biting the bullet.


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