Thu. May 23rd, 2024

On Friday work and life got in the way of pop culture goodness, so nothing to report for that day. Checked my Twitter/X feed and got a laugh from Batshit Moments in Aussie Politics today. This picture of activist Burnam Burnam claiming Britain for the indigenous people of Australia. He did this back in 1988 and I did not know about it. The comments suggested nothing batshit about this at all. I think we should dig this out every Australia Day.


Had dinner at a friend’s place and we ended up watching the Melbourne Comedy Festival Allstars show on ABC. Was pretty good entertainment, but the acts were very hit and miss. I’m not much of a comedy fan so I hardly knew any of them. Rather than the jokes I was more interested in each comedian’s subject matter. Drugs and sex were popular topics. Jenny Tian‘s rap about combining giving head with playing Mortal Kombat was brilliant. I wondered what topic I would choose if I was a comedian. It would probably be something political ala Bill Hicks. And something edgy, I mean real edgy. Wouldn’t it be great if some comedian got up and did a skit on Gaza and Israel? How to make comedy out of that? Or, too soon? I’m thinking of a skit on our Minister for Foreign Affairs, Penny Wong, and what seems to be her Israel stance. Earlier in the year she described the situation there as ‘complicated’, then ‘unacceptable’ when an Australian aid worker got killed. I see her wagging her finger and doing the sassy neck jerk thing with a faux American accent: “Unacceptable, Benjamin!” She takes exception to that, but not over 30,000 civilians dead? You’re wong, Penny, very wong…Mmm, that last part a bit racist? Yeah, don’t think I’ll give up my day job.

We also took in an old Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell from when Covid was happening. There was no audience, due to social distancing, and a lot of the humour was about Covid. Shaun showed a crazy clip of (then President) Trump describing the virus and sounding like a clueless little child. To emphasise the cluelessness, Micallef pointed out everything Trump said was wrong (wong? – except maybe that it was a ‘small’ virus). It was weird how nostalgic it all felt.

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