Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Rage included a clip of Blackpink Lisa’s new song Rockstar in their programming last night. La Lisa looked good in her various outfits, especially the black star-shaped top. She had something on her lower lip that looked like a cold sore, but I think it was meant to be some kind of fashion accessory the way they highlighted it so much. But I can’t emphasise enough How Great she looked busting those dance moves with her crew on the streets of possibly Bangkok, wherever it was, somewhere in Thailand, I think. For a song called Rockstar it wasn’t exactly what I’d call a rock song. It was really more of the usual bump and grind Teddy hip hop that Blackpink were trading in in what might be their final days. A line in the lyric said something about ‘gold teeth sttin’ on the dash’ which reminded me of the Nmixx song, Dash. Then there was something about ‘make you rock-hard’, which seems a bit risque, even for Lisa. I have to say the lyrics sound like the usual boasting, materialistic bullshit you find in a lot of rap and hip hop songs. I wish they were better. Apparently there are some transgender people appearing in the clip, as well as some guys playing Yakuza guys. Not sure what message is being sent by Lisa and her Director, but it almost verges on satire. The song and clip have been doing the business on the charts and Youtube, and the fact that Rage is playing it on their Friday night new release playlist is testament to its popularity. Of course there’s another Kpop solo artist who has a song out now, but it’s not getting any love from Rage. I’m talking about Twice Nayeon and her terrific song ABCD. C’mon Rage, play the damn thing!

Another clip I caught last night and liked was Firefighters by Texas band Being Dead. Bringing a very low-fi, indie rock sound, the clip was pretty funny, with the three members participating in a silly marble obstacle race like it’s the Indie 500. The clip’s even weirder near the end when the guy (with a wonderfully bad haircut or wig) slips on his own marbles and goes on a tripping journey past a cook, a dancer and a graduation ceremony and ends up on a skate board on a street, where he is promptly run over by his blonde race partner who has been looking for him. It was silly and daggy and unpretentious, and the complete opposite of the Lisa clip. But I loved both.


I also checked out another Anime Underground list, this time it was 14 Types of Anime Fans (you’re definitely one of them) by Anna Lindwasser. I had to see which one was me, and there I was, under The Fandom Intellectual. The text read: ‘To the Fandom Intellectual, anime is an extension of their education. They probably majored in Literature, Media Studies, Science, History, Psychology or Anthropology, and they’re looking at anime through that lense.’ That’s pretty spot on – I majored in Lit and Media Studies. According to the list, some of my favourite shows are Neon Genesis Evangelion and Mushishi, which is exactly right. As an FI my fandom level is apparently ‘6 thesis statements on whether Light Yagami has Narcissistic Personality Disorder out of 10’. Other types listed were The Shipper, The Casual, The Fujoshi (fans of Yaoi), The Seiyuu Fanatic (voice actor fans), the Cosplayer, The Weeaboo, The Anime Hipster, The Monogamist, The Activist, The Entrepreneur, The Former Fan, The Furry, and The Fetishizing Creep. I have to say I take exception to this last one’s description as ‘this is the white guy in a Love Live t-shirt and a fedora who spends the whole convention trying to find Asian teenagers to hit on.’ Apparently black or Asian guys are never this type. Methinks this list needs some updating, Ms Lindwasser.


Mike with you-know-who

I’m up to the 69-70 period in the Beach Boys coffee table book now. Among other things, this is when the band performed behind ‘the iron curtain’ in East Germany and Czechoslovakia. Mike Love couldn’t help give a Capitalist diatribe about the tour, how they ‘symbolised the freedom that the United States represented for a lot of people’ and how they ‘represented prosperity and opportunity’. To Mike, they were bringing freedom and democracy to them heathen Communists, and while there getting a ‘crash course on the shortcomings of a planned economy’. Mike, blow it out yer arse.

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