Sun. Jul 21st, 2024
Bringin' home a new baby

New Car Saga (epilogue)

I picked up my car, my Veloster, today. Andrew, the seller, was a stand up guy. He had the receipt all printed out nicely, with separate pens for both of us to sign over the paperwork. He rubbed his hands theatrically when I took out the money, and we finalised the deal. We then got to talking about other things, and he told me about one of his friends, who is dying of cancer, and how he showed up one day at his house with a Porsche car. It seems it was a car he had always wanted to drive, and so he bought one, so he could drive it before he died. It got Andrew and I thinking: what car would you want to drive if you didn’t have long to live? The only car I could think of was the one I was buying. We both agreed it was a kind of mid-life crisis car – or in my case, a late mid-life crisis car. Andrew told me he was selling it because he needed the money, and was having trouble getting in and out of it (he’s a little infirm). I told him I’d be heartbroken if I had to sell it. Hopefully, I never will. I then drove it to work (yep, another Sunday gig), taking the long trip from Cranbourne to Lilydale, listening to Neneh Cherry’s Homebrew album on the cd player all the way. It was a sweet ride.


I guess Neneh Cherry was on my mind because last night Rage showed the episode that she programmed back in the nineties. She played some classic songs and clips, including Massive Attack’s Unfinished Sympathy and Patti Smith’s People Have the Power. Her story about seeing Patti perform that song at a concert in the Basque country was worth hearing. And then there was a bunch of Neneh’s own great videos, including the Buddy X video, where she takes off her panties and throws them at a cheating guy. I showed it to my Media class once. They dug it. Her first album, Raw Like Sushi, is a kind of Rosetta Stone for me as it was my gateway into modern dance music. I have an original LP copy in delicious blue vinyl.

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