Wed. May 22nd, 2024

I did some research of desktop computers for my upcoming purchase. Narrowed the perimeters down to the following: either a Microsoft, Dell, Hewlett Packard or Lenovo brand (I’m not an Apple guy); 24 – 27 inch monitor; i5 or i7 min 5 Ghz processor, at least Gen 8 (for Windows 11); min 16 GB RAM; price around $1,000. I’ll accept whatever membrane type keyboard that goes with it, but I do want to check out these so-called ‘mechanical’ keyboards later. I’d like to go wireless for the key and mouse, for lack of clutter, but response times are slower. The main problem now will be, what do I do with my old desktop? Much will depend on whether this new one will work with the many peripherals I have connected presently to the old one (ie, printer, audio interface, etc). There will be teething problems, no doubt.


I returned the Dusty Sings Soul album I borrowed back to the library today. Despite all those tracks, there was only one that I didn’t have – a nice song called Won’t Be Long, from 1965. I burned a copy and added it to my collection. I’m gonna call it a win! It’s not all that well known, but Dusty was gay. It must have been hard having all those expectations for her to be straight back in the sixties and seventies. And she definitely had her demons. There should have been so many more albums than there were. Guess I’m just grateful for what we got.


As usual, returning one item, and borrowing another – the hazards of working in a library! (Yes, I was doing my Sunday gig – ya got a problem with that?) This time it was a dvd called Trumbo, about the blacklisted Hollywood writer Dalton Trumbo, starring the impeccable Bryan Cranston. It should be good. He wrote scripts for some interesting films: Papillon, Spartacus, Johnny Got His Gun, and an early favourite of mine, the eerie Five Came Back.


And so I knocked off work and went to Officeworks and got me a desktop computer (I had been researching a little at work)! It fits all the specs I mentioned above and I take delivery of it in a couple of days. When I want something, I don’t fuck about!

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