Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

I did more Tarot study today. This time it was the Major Arcana Empress card. Its signature qualities are Abundance, Fertility and Receptivity. It ‘may indicate the birth of a child or a new creative project. In both cases, devotion and careful nurturing are required to bring them to fruition.’ It also denotes a contentment with one’s position in life, making a good platform from which to embark on new projects with confidence. For all these reasons it’s thought the Empress may be a pregnant woman, though it’s not always clear from its image. My Buffy Tarot deck depicts vampire Drusilla as the Empress. A strange choice, considering most vampires cannot bare children (though Darla did – miraculously). I would’ve thought Buffy’s mom, Joyce Summers, would have been more appropriate. I definitely see the connection with this card to creativity. Starting a new project feels like having a new baby to pour your devotion and energies into.


I put my order into the K-Pop Time store for the new Nayeon album and NewJeans single today. I did some serious soul-searching to decide which version of Nayeon’s album I would get. Would it be the expensive Full Version with all that packaging, or would I go basic and get the digipak? I went with the digipak. It may seem traitorous as a Once, but I couldn’t be bothered getting any more ridiculous, expensive and mostly unnecessary Korean album packaging. After my recent RM purchase, I’m a little bit gun shy. The digipak has posters and cards and things, but it’s far more streamlined. I mainly want the music, and an easy way to place the album on my shelf. Oh, and the money I saved (about 15AUD) I put towards the NewJeans single, How Sweet. And this time I had a discount coupon, so I got ten percent off. I tell you, every cent counts with these crazy Korean albums. I’ll no doubt backtrack down the line and decide I must have the full version of Nayeon’s album after all, but until then, I am content.


Watched eps 7 and 8 of my Yashahime bluray. The narrative is splitting up, with one story featuring Moroha and the raccoon dog dude, Takechiyo, going to his home to reclaim his birthright, another with Setsuna and Towa joining up with the demon slayers on a job to save a village from demons, and one featuring bad guy Kirinmaru’s machinations to rule the world and his daughter’s efforts trying to stop him. I feel Setsuna and Towa are the centre of the show, so I’m enjoying their story arc most so far. They both have interesting flaws – and goals.

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