Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

We had an interesting event in the library tonight. It was called Celebrate IDAHOBIT with Sam Elkin. Here’s the blurb for it:

Sam Elkin’s new book ‘Detachable Penis: a Queer Legal Saga’ relates his bumpy journey from lesbian to transgender lawyer in the aftermath of the 2017 marriage equality vote. Sam was the first lawyer in Victoria’s queer law service and found himself at the pointy end of debates about trans inclusion in sport, children’s access to puberty blockers, birth certificate law reform and the Christian right’s demand for enhanced religious freedoms.
Sam offers an honest, unflinching account of chest surgery, phalloplasty, the emotional impact of cross-sex hormones and the perils of airport body scanners. Part love letter and part cautionary tale, join Sam for a thought-provoking conversation.

I escorted Sam over to the room he was to do his talk in. With his stubbly beard and purposeful stride, he presented as very male. Reminded me of an actor I’d seen on TV, though I forget the name. My partner for the night, Rath, said she had wanted to attend, but tonight’s work commitments blocked that. A long line of what appeared to be mostly women (please forgive the bad language, I don’t know how else to say it) made their way in for the talk. I’m sure it was indeed thought-provoking.


A Fiona

I met my first real life Karen while working in the library today. Woman thought she was entitled to all day parking and the library should get the council to okay it. And she would not take no for an answer. I had to walk away. No doubt you’ve seen those videos on Youtube of these Karens doing their thing. What I want to know is, why don’t people put up videos of the opposite thing – a person who’s kind and patient and not entitled? I think we need to see that, and I think we need a name for those people. I want to nominate the name Fiona for them, if that’s okay. I choose that name because I know a very kind and patient person whose name is Fiona. I want to name them that in honour of her. Who’s with me?


During the quieter parts of the night I chatted with Rath about pop culture, and it turned out she was a fan of the Expanse TV series. She had also read a couple of the James S.A. Corey books the show is based on. She liked the show so much she said she’d named her dog Bobbie, after one of the characters. I said I liked how the show uses language – them ‘Belter loaders’, etc. It’s something I find myself saying sometimes – ‘ay you, belter loader!’ It’s literally what we do: our sorting machines are made up of belts that carry the books to their proper bins, and one of our jobs is to load the books onto the belts. Rath is also a Star Trek fan, which figures. I can also make a connection to that with our job. The front desk, with its desk panels and computer screens, is the library’s Bridge section. Other areas equate to other parts of the Enterprise. The Science and Tech area is the Engine Room, the console games section (yes, we have one of those) is the Holodeck, the front lounge which overlooks the shopping centre we’re in is Ten Forward. It goes on and on.


During my lunch break I roamed the shopping mall and bought a pack of Buffy themed Tarot cards in a book store. They were so beautiful and perfect, I could not resist. Although I’m not a believer, I really like Tarot cards for their design and the arcane lore that goes with them. The designer of these Buffy cards, Karl James Mountford, has included pretty much all the major and minor characters from the show, and clearly had some fun matching them up with their appropriate cards. Xander, for example, is the Fool. Willow is the Magician, Giles is the Hierophant,. Willow and Tara are the Lovers. It comes with a really cool booklet too, detailing the history and lore of the cards, from the Major Arcana to the Minor Arcana. An extra bonus of having Tarot cards is you can use the Minor Arcana as playing cards, as they equate to a standard 52 card deck. The suits used in the Buffy deck, which are beautifully illustrated, are Stakes, Chalices, Scythes and Pentacles.

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