Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

I started reading a graphic novel version of A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L’Engle. It was adapted and illustrated by Hope Larson. I read the book a long time and only have a vague memory of it being unsatisfying. But I’ve always wanted to give it another try, and this will be a quick way of knocking it over. Larson’s art style reminds me of the work of Keith Haring. She draws detailed but rudimentary graffiti-looking figures with minimalist backgrounds. It’s just enough to capture the gist of the story. I like it. Her interpretations of the main characters, especially confused, self-doubting Meg, and her little brother, weird genius empath Charles Wallace, are spot on. She gives his face a blank creepiness that promises all kinds of unsettling possibilities. The mysterious Mrs’s Whatsit, Who and Which are updates of Shakespeare‘s three witches from Macbeth. It occurs to me reading the story this time around, with its grand parade of eccentric characters, that this might be yet another early entry in the ‘weird fiction’ genre, following on from the great work of HP Lovecraft. I look forward to rediscovering the book.


Speaking of witches, I read a little bit of volume one of the manga Witch Hat Atelier Recipes by Hiromi Sato. I like the quite delicate and detailed art style, but yet another food manga isn’t for me. I hadn’t realised when I picked it up that it was not the original series, but a food spinoff. I’d rather read the original manga, or watch the anime. This one’s too light and fluffy, like some of the ingredients.


Had another listen to some of my latest Kpop albums, namely Twice‘s With You-th and NMixx‘s FE304. An excellent session. The last track on the Twice album, You Get Me, is my favourite on that one. It’s another uptempo bass-led bop, like The Feels, and Four Leaf Clover before it. Those three tunes would make a pretty good mini playlist. The NMixx album is their best yet. I especially love the song Passionfruit, which, as I’ve said before, sounds a bit like NewJeans to my ears. There’s a nice Youtube video by taemteez called the Genre of Every Twice Song. It’s very useful for working out the different genres they’ve covered, though I’m not sure they’re completely accurate. Is Like Ooh Ahh really electropop? And what is Hyphy (for Do It Again)? There’ve been so many new sub-genres around dance and pop music, I can’t keep up. When Twice started, back in 2015, their company described their music as ‘color pop’, which is a good description of the variety they’ve covered. The same goes for NMixx, although their designation was ‘mixx pop’, because they go one step further: they sometimes change up genres within single songs. Earlier examples of the ‘change up’ were I’ve Got A Boy by Girl’s Generation, and Next Level by Aespa. Nmixx’s first song, 0.0, was a prime example. It was not so much a mix as a melange of styles squashed together. It was brilliant, but fans weren’t ready for it. It bombed spectacularly, even though there was also a popular b-side called Tank. The members are so talented and their songs so good that they cannot be denied. They will be big.


I’ve started a little space minimizing project with my dvd collection. I’m taking the discs out of their cases and stacking them alphabetically into these cd spindles. Then I’m taking the dvd covers out and placing them into a folder, where they are arranged alphabetically according to film title. Saves on space and is just as easy to access what I want. I’ve kept a couple of the blank cases handy in case, say, I’m visiting a friend’s and want to show some of my films. The only issue I have now is, what do I do with those damn cases?


I’ve started putting up some films I’ve made on the site. They go under Films in the Archive menu. So far it’s just a couple of things I did as Will Greeves based on the game Tomb Raider 2. They’re actually what you would call machinimas – films made from game graphics. The copyright issues around these things can be tricky. I’ll be okay with the visuals for these ones because they were self-generated, but the music soundtrack is another thing. I must work out what I can get away with under ‘fair use’, but for now, they’re going up!


I had to do some stuff for my tax. What a drag! It made me want to escape, so I did, with a session of No Man’s Sky. I left Mina‘s world via the stargate and headed for Jeongyeon‘s planet. She has a nice pad there called Yoo Base by a picturesque lake which she uses for camping. Thought I’d make use of it while she was away: just hang out, maybe do a little fishing and be entertained by the gentle, friendly animals that roam the planet in abundance. I took the hover speeder out to explore the countryside. It’s a pretty planet, with orange grass and deep blue waters and gentle, undulating hills…


I was worried about Jeongyeon when she went on her ‘hiatus’ from Twice back in 2020. The official story was she had injured her neck during the dance rehearsals for their latest song More and More. Then the medication she took for it made her put on weight, which led to an anxiety spiral. Or something like that. It was disappointing seeing only eight members in all them Time To Twice episodes, and her minimal participation in the music videos. But it was amazing to see her come back in 2022, joining the members for the World Tour III in the US. Her hair was blue and she still looked, well, woman-shaped, as she continues to be. Her courage and determination is amazing. She’s still the joker of the group, teasing the other members mercilessly. And it definitely feels like she’s back to stay. She’s Twice’s third lead vocalist, behind Jihyo and Nayeon. Those two have had their solo albums (Jihyo’s, called Zone, just last year). Will we get a Jeongyeon solo album this year? I hope so.

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