Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

That great authority on pop music, TeenVogue, put out a list of Best Girl Groups of All-Time (saw this on Twitter/X, in case yr wondering). Actually, it wasn’t too bad. The focus was on girl groups as opposed to girls in rock bands, so we’re talking Sixties girl groups like the Ronettes and Nineties like the Spice Girls and later Kpop girl groups like Twice and Blackpink. Not the Breeders, or the Bangles, the Slits, or Go Go’s, etc. The top spot was taken by the Supremes, and it’s hard to argue with that one. The Sixties girl groups were well represented with the Ronettes, the Crystals and others, but where were the Shangri-Las? In my opinion, the best of all. And where was Girl’s Generation or Mamamoo for the Kpop side of things? Oh well, I do love a good list, but this could’ve been better.



Turns out another Kpop girl group, NewJeans, have got into a little controversy lately (or storm in a teacup, depending on your point of view). It seems, according to an Allkpop article, there was a popular Mexican girl group from the Nineties called Jeans who may have ‘inspired’ some of their concept. I actually don’t care about whether NewJeans was ever based on some OldJeans group (would explain why they’re new jeans though). They’re clearly original enough and good enough to stand on their own, thank you. I’m more interested in the actual fact of the existence of this earlier group. I’d never heard of them, and I already love the concept: a fricken Mexican girl group from the Nineties, who were actually popular somewhere! I want to see them, I want to hear their songs. I want more, give me more! The things you miss out on living in little old Australia.


I watched an episode of Hard Quiz, the ABC show hosted by comedian Tom Gleeson. It’s an enjoyable concept, based on people’s expert subjects, a perfect vehicle for Gleeson to unleash his wise-cracking brand of smart-arsery. And the contestants are often good value. But it’s the subjects they choose that either get me in or make me turn away. For tonight’s ep the subjects were Anne of Green Gables, Alice Cooper, Chickens and some fashion designer. I watched for the Green Gables lady (I love that book series by LM Montgomery, absolutely adore it – even wrote a song about it). And, have to say, she was a bit of a cutey. Unfortunately she didn’t get to the final round. The Alice Cooper guy was interesting: singer in an Alice Cooper tribute band in Adelaide, and he looked the part. Unfortunately he didn’t last long either. So it was down to Chickens and the fashion designer guy, so I switched off. The show always inspires the eternal question: if you went on the show, what would your subject be? For me it would probably be The Kinks.


Then I watched Gruen, which followed it. Hosted by yet another comedian, Will Anderson, this show has a panel of advertising experts talking about the latest ads. There are always two regular experts, the cool and skeptical Todd Sampson, and his complete opposite, the advertising-branded daggy dude Russel Howcroft. It’s often their contrast, and Anderson’s ringleader confidence and snarkery between them, that makes the show. Tonight’s episode looked at a road safety ad featuring the Grim Reaper distracting a car-driving mobile phone-user to their death. Sampson and the two guest panelists enthused about the ad’s use of humour, and threw stats about the amount of people who die in cars because of phone use, and made observations about the ad’s projected demographic. But an outraged Howcroft complained the ad isn’t funny, and shouldn’t be funny. He appealed to Anderson, who, as a comedian, was able to explain to him in slow, lengthy detail why the ad is funny, as though he was speaking to a child. The Pitch section, where the show gets two ad agencies in to do an ad about a tricky topic and the panelists choose the best, was about selling a nuclear power plant in your home town. Both agencies made a good fist of the idea, and the panelists scored them a tie. I wonder if Peter Dutton (Liberal Party leader trying to push for nuclear power at the moment) was making notes? Who knew a show about advertising and marketing could be so entertaining and informative?


I had another look at my Buffy Tarot deck. Reading through the booklet it suggested I cleanse the deck by leaving it in the light of the full moon. It just so happened to be a full moon tonight, with a clear sky, so that’s exactly what I did. And just to make sure each card was cleansed, I shuffled through the entire pack, from Major to Minor Arcana, and exposed every card to the moon’s light. It was chilly out there, and I felt slightly ridiculous, but I got it done. I must admit, alcohol may have played a part in this.

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