Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

I had the day off today and took the opportunity to go to the bank to get the money out for my new car purchase (yes, the seller wants cash). I also went to some shops, and in a Cash Converters I found a great little figurine of the blue velociraptor from the recent Chris Pratt Jurassic World films. It was perfect timing, because the figurine will make the perfect mascot for my Veloster car. How can you not think of velociraptors with a name like that? And the fact that it’s blue, like the car, so perfect. It will look good somewhere on the dash. That’s my car: my ‘Raptor’.


Whilst at the Cash Converters I also bought the film Skyline on bluray. I have some affection for this scifi thriller from 2010, because I saw it at a cinema in Santa Monica, California that year. And the film is set in and around the marina district there. It was great watching all that mayhem go down (it’s an alien invasion flick) virtually where I was staying. I later saw the sequel, Beyond Skyline, which was even better and much more bonkers. I’ll be very interested to see how this film shapes up after all those years.


I’ve been listening to my Citypop Love cd in the car. It’s one of the albums I brought back from Japan – a sister album to that Shibuya and Citypop album, actually. With this one the emphasis is on the disco side of citypop. It’s always been an element in the genre. I always thought of citypop as slightly slowed down disco with soul and saxophone, but here it sounds like straight ahead disco, for the most part. The album begins with Miki Matsubara’s classic Stay With Me, a song that appears on the other album, but this is a slightly different mix. I’m liking the disco side of citypop here, but I think the other is better for its diversity of styles.


Watched some Youtube and saw the new Red Velvet video for their latest song Cosmic. They’re another Kpop group I like. Just five members, and been around a little longer than Twice. First impressions are it’s good, but the whole midsummer vibe of the video, complete with maypoles and flowers and pagan-looking huts remind me too much of the very creepy film Midsommer. The members look great, though.

Then there was a Twice Nayeon dance practice video showing her going through her paces in various dance studios as she learns the moves for the new song, ABCD. It was very much the non-glamorized version of Nayeon, without makeup, wearing casual gym clothes, sweaty, real – which is always great to see. One of the moves had her jumping out of the arms of some male dancers onto the floor. The first time she tried it she almost fell flat on her face on the hard wooden floor. It was a scary moment, even though Nayeon and the dancers seemed to laugh it off. Why didn’t they think to put some mats down to cushion her fall, just in case? Seemed a bit irresponsible of the studio. The second half of the video showed Nayeon traveling to Las Angeles to practice with the American dancers for the film shoot. The dance moves really came together here, with Nabong gaining in confidence and ability, inspired, as she said, by the presence of the other dancers. One of the dancers, a hunky tall dude who ‘admires’ her in the video, wore a beanie that had I LOVE NY on it. Nice touch.

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