Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

It’s been a busy couple of days with work so I didn’t get much pop culture in. Here’s a recap of the last two days. Last night I had an increasingly rare session of Youtube, wherein I watched Aespa’s new Armageddon clip, then NewJeans’ new How Sweet video. Much has already been said on the net about the How Sweet video, how it uses multiple points of view, and there’s a Coke ad in there. I really like the song, which sounds like classic NewJeans. I only just heard it yesterday, and it grabbed me right away. The Armageddon clip and song, with its special effects and slow grindey rhythm, seems to be taking some of Blackpink’s concepts – or maybe just returning to their own earlier dark concepts. Can’t wait for the new album. Then I watched an old video, Blondie’s Dreaming. What a rush of adrenaline that is! Just watching Clem Cattini’s drumming alone could give you heart palpitations. Then there’s Deborah Harry, all sweat, cleavage and charisma. The kids in the audience, some hanging about in the scaffolding, are clearly digging it too. Love that song.


I finished the Ghost In the Shell: Man-Machine Interface manga. I liked the sequence where Motoko infiltrates a mega computer, while outwitting some cops she flirts with. And the addition of Kusanagi then Batou joining Aramaki near the end was a surprise, but maybe too little too late. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to unravel that damn plot. Occasionally Masamune adds some commentary to the chaos, but it doesn’t help. The illustrations were sometime beautiful, but cyberspace still looks ugly to me as rendered by Masamune-san. Then there’s the thorny issue of naked Motoko EVERYWHERE, striking gratuitous poses that are downright pornographic. All in all, I’ll repeat what I said earlier about this: a hot mess.

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