Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

I watched the first episode of Yellowstone, the Kevin Costner series I borrowed from my library recently. It seems to be a kind of modern update of the old High Chaparral show with Kev playing a cattle and land baron. I mostly liked the episode, with some reservations. The storytelling was a little obscure at times. The opening scene where Kev’s character attends the scene of a truck crash is one example. Presumably, hopefully, the meaning of the scene will be revealed later. My main gripe with the show is it seems to glamorize Capitalism, like we need another one of those. There’s a scene were Kev debates with a rival land developer, and the developer says ‘There’s winners and losers’, and Kev replies, ‘That’s the first thing you’ve said I agree with’. Think I’ve had enough of Capitalist power struggles and shows that legitimize them. Most of the characters seem pretty unlikeable too. Maybe the youngest son of Kev’s character’s alright, he seems to have a good moral compass. And I like the actress who plays his wife. Woah, she’s hot! I could stick around for her or see if there’s any element of actual criticism or irony about the glamorized Capitalism, but I don’t think I can be bothered.


I discovered a new shop in the shopping center near my library where I was working today. It was a very old-school second-hand electronics shop called CeX, selling old dvds, games, phones and other electronics. Pretty much a pop culture mecca for someone like me, but I don’t like its chances of staying afloat as a business. It’s the sort of store you’d normally see in some dilapidated arcade, where the rent is much cheaper than in a big shopping center. Let’s see how long it lasts. Anyway, I scored a copy of Journey, a fantastic Playstation 4 game I’ve been wanting my own copy of for a long time. I can’t say how much I love this game. I’ve played it numerous times before and obviously it has great re-play value. Even better, it comes with another game by the same studio, called Flowers, and it’s just as good. You play Flowers by tilting the controller, which guides some floating flowers to their various destinations. The landscapes and music are beautiful, and the story it tells is so uplifting, sad and dramatic all at once. I’ve never played any game as visceral and transformative as this. Thank you CeX!


I watched the latest Media Watch and there was a story about ABC reporter Laura Tingle’s recent comments about Australia being a racist country. It seems the comment predictably got the Fox media up in arms and sparked the usual pile on from them, accusing her of showing bias. Just why host Paul Barry was indulging them I don’t know. Seemed like a waste of time. And there was no mention of the complete hypocrisy of the Murdoch media and its own obvious right-wing bias. They like to be the only ones who can tell people how to think, and don’t like it when others, and other ideologies, get in on the act. It’s just as well its media is only consumed by a dwindling amount of old codgers.

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