Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

I went down the Facebook rabbit hole today. Came out with some nice finds. I mainly use it to check out the various groups I’m a member of. I actually joined a new one today. This was Cyberpunk Life, a group dedicated to that dystopian scifi sub genre where some of my favourite fandoms lie, particularly Ghost In the Shell and Bubblegum Crisis. There are so many great discussion threads and memes going on in it. One such discussion centered on the portrayal of ‘goofy’ Major Kusanagi in the manga versus bad girl Kusanagi in the films. Why can’t we like both?


Saw there’s a new Wim Wenders film out called Perfect Day. Even better, it seems to be set in Japan. Can’t wait to see that. Wings of Desire is one of my favourite films.


I didn’t know that Nick Lowe had made this ep, Bowi, clearly a nod to Bowie’s Low album in 1977. And fair dues. I saw Nick in 1987. He was playing a free gig in what was then the Melbourne City Square. Did a great version of The Rose of England.


This site got its first notice on Facebook. It was my mate, Rui, giving a shout out to my albums page. Thanks Rui!


Speaking of Rui, I had a listen to a podcast on his recommendation. It was ‘How Can Novels Help Us Think About Money’, from the Money On the Left podcast. An intriguing episode by Rob Hawkes on the relationship of specific novels (Patricia Highsmith’s The Talented Mr Ripley is one cited) to climate change and the world of global finance. It’s all about trust. I like Rob’s full bodied support of literature as an aid to real world problems.


Harry figures

Did some shopping and found I still had a pocket full of change. Should I give it to the kids busking outside the supermarket? They were playing a nice version of Revolution by the Cult when I went in. Very cool. But no, I decided to go to the nearby op shop and waste it there. It’s a thing I do sometimes. Someone had donated a set of those Harry Potter cutout figurines that Coles had been flogging a couple of years back. I remember getting them back then, especially when I’d fill up with fuel for work at a Coles station and they’d give me a bunch of the bloody things, whether I wanted them or not. I was sort of tempted to get them. They came complete with frames and looked good. But I controlled myself. I’m not a big Harry fan. Someone else can snap ’em up. Also did a brief peruse of the dvds shelves. They had Interstellar, the excellent Christopher Nolan film. I was tempted, but begged off. Cranberries‘ No Need To Argue in the cd shelves. Lovely album, but again, no. I saw the Crannies live at the Palais back in the day. Supoibe.

I don’t need more stuff! In fact, I have a very specific criteria these days for what I will buy. I call them ‘irresistible purchases’, as opposed to ‘unnecessary purchases’. Here’s the criteria:

  • hard to get
  • cheap
  • unusual and something ‘I must have’ (though price can be negotiable)
  • Kpops
  • LP records (in moderation)
  • Urusei Yatsura manga
  • Ghost In the Shell: the Human Algorithm manga

Of course, a good way to avoid UPs is to not go into shops in the first place. So I avoided the trap of stuff, this time. Maybe next time I won’t be so ‘lucky’.

I gave the money to the kids…



Got home and listened to a couple of albums by Japanese artists. First was The Game cd by Perfume. They’re a three piece girl group, aided and abetted by their genius producer, musician and songwriter Nakata. This was one of many albums I brought back with me from Japan. It came with a dvd of music videos. Awesome electro pop/house/multi genre stuff. But basically dance music. The other was an LP by Sandii and the Sunsetz called Viva Lava Liva. Features Yellow Magic Orchestra. Nippongo bongo! When I play records I find I have to bump up the bass response on my subby for that rattle yer bones effect. Delicious. Oh, and Perfume girls: Please come out to Australia! Onegaishimasu!


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