Thu. May 30th, 2024

I was listening to my Citypop 80s Spotify playlist going to work today. This is one of the lists I made up based on the Citypop book I bought when I was in Japan last year. I’m still getting into it. Some songs don’t really sound like city pop to me, and there’s some I just haven’t really liked. One song that came up that I liked was Blueberry Jam, by Mari Lijima. When I first heard it I thought her voice sounded familiar, so I looked her up. Turns out Mari Lijima was the singing voice of the character Lynn Minmay from Macross Super Dimension Fortress, one of my favourite animes. She’s still going, and has released an amazing number of albums since then. But one of her biggest was the album Blueberry Jam came from, called Rose, from 1983. I’ve been listening to that in the car, too, and it’s great. Mari will always be the voice of Minmay. I highly recommend the Macross movie, Do You Remember Love, especially the part near the end when Minmay sings the title song during the battle finale. It’s epic! And great soundtrack.


Another interesting-looking book passed through my hands at work today. It was AC Grayling’s the Meaning of Things (with the subtitle, Applying Philosophy To Life). I only briefly flicked through it, but the Contents Page items conjured up a host of stimulating and slightly subversive possibilities. I was particularly taken by the presence of Capitalism under Part 2, Foes and Fallacies. If it hadn’t been there I would have felt cheated and annoyed, because it belongs there. Now I want to read it, but I don’t have the time at the moment. Maybe later. Or maybe I’ll just dip into the Capitalism chapter if I run into it next time. See if it’s as Right On as I think it might be.


Since I watched Angel, The Early Years dvd yesterday, I figured I’d start watching my Faith FilesPart One dvd today. Faith was the bad girl slayer next to Buffy’s good girl slayer in Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show. Part one covers four of the Season Three eps, Faith, Hope and Trick, Revelations, Bad Girls and Consequences. It takes us through Faith’s introduction, through her progress from rival to cautious friend to Buffy, to bad influence on Buffy, and then her turn to the dark side when she accidentally kills a human. It was tricky editing out all the extraneous sub-plots the show had going in this season, including the Willow/Xander smoochies fallout story and the Scott Hope story, but most of it’s pretty coherent and focused on the Faith/Buffy dynamic. I especially liked the debate they have on the streets of Sunnydale near the end of Consequences when Buffy tries to get Faith to give herself in for the accidental death of the Mayor’s secretary. Faith refuses, saying, ‘We’re better than them, Buffy…Think of all the people whose lives we’ve saved. That evens the balance in my book.’ The story becomes a battle for Faith’s soul, and it’s an epic and hard-fought one. Great stuff.

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