Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

New Car Saga

Had the day off, spent some of it fruitlessly looking for cars in carsales.com. When I found a couple of possibilities, mainly Huyundai i30s, I rang my car aficionado older brother for advice, and he nixed them for various reasons. This is getting very frustrating. I want a car that’s good enough for me, not for my older brother. And I want it, need it, now. Question: what is the use of a factory warranty? Something he keeps harping on. I know they always sell it as ‘piece of mind’, but I think that’s bullshit. Car companies don’t offer them out of the goodness of their hearts. They know most cars that make it out of the factory will be good for at least the life of the warranty, so they won’t have to honour it. And if they do break down before the expiry, then that means you’ve bought a lemon. I’m not a fan and don’t see the point in getting a newer, more expensive model because of the warranty.


I read more of that Beach Boys coffee table book. We’re still in that 63/64 period where the British Invasion looms large, but the BBs are holding their own with number one hits like I Get Around. They released the Beach Boys In Concert album, which weirdly was their most successful album of the decade. It seems it wasn’t all quite live, with Brian Wilson going back in the studio and doing some overdubs and even rerecording some numbers. There were some quotes where mainly Mike Love talked about their performance on the TAMI Show, which was considered to be much better than their performance on the Ed Sullivan show earlier in the year. It famously has some classic performances from The Rolling Stones and, especially, James Brown. According to Mike, the Beach Boys were not friends with the Rolling Stones. I can well believe that: the Boys in their nerdy stripe shirts, the Stones in their cool leathers. It made me want to look back over my TAMI dvd to check out their performance again. It stands for Teenage Awards Music International.


After reading about it, I busted out my dvd and watched the Beach Boys’ performance on the TAMI Show. They only showed them doing four songs: I Get Around, Surfin’ USA, Surfer Girl and Dance Dance Dance. I wonder if they did more? I was surprised and disappointed they didn’t finish with Fun Fun Fun. The TAMI show’s gogo dancers danced behind them for the first two numbers, adding some goofy fun. Dennis was the star, belting out his drums from his riser on high. I can see why the girls sometimes mobbed the stage to get to him. Brian, Al and Carl laid down some solid music and sang beautiful harmonies, while Mike jumped around and frugged a bit while singing most of the lead vocals. He’s such a nerd. Surfer Girl slowed things down and was probably not what the crowd wanted. But this Beach Boys fan loved it. Brian’s high lead vocals were amazing. An awesome performance, but the set was far too short. I must revisit the entire concert again soon.

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