Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

I’m jumping over that strange Easter Monday where the weather seemed to suddenly announce the end of summer (one month late), because work and life got in the way, as it often does. The main pop culture activity I did that day was to watch the two Richard Linklater films, Everybody Wants Some and Boyhood, back to back. So good, I love Linklater. Much of what I could say about those films is contained within a podcast I made called Richard Linklater on my archived Swamp Podcast page. Check it out, if you like. But the short version is, Everybody is a kind of sequel to Linklater’s Dazed and Confused, and Boyhood is a unique time lapse experience that only has the Seven Up films to compare it to (and maybe the Harry Potter films). I’m mentioning them here because there was some thematic continuation about Boyhood at least that spilled over into today.

At work in the library there was a patron who looked like a doppelganger for Ellar Coltrane, the actor who played Mason Jr, the main character of Boyhood, who we see grow up in real time. This version of Mason was a more down on his luck version, mind you, holing up in a corner of the Adult Fiction shelves, on his phone, creating a bit of a stink because I think he was homeless. My colleague refused to go into that section to shelve because of the odor he was emitting. Near the end of my shift, as we were about to close up, he came up to my counter to give back the phone charger he’d borrowed. His t-shirt was torn, and there were some marks on is face, but he was a strikingly handsome lad all the same, like Ellar in the film. I detected in his speech and manner a certain awkwardness, that slight lost quality I’ve noticed in other homeless people (libraries are a magnet for them, and I’ve seen many of them). I could be wrong about him, and I hope I am, but I hope he’ll be okay.

One other way that film spilled over into today was my colleague (let’s call her Peggy) who shared the evening shift with me. I didn’t know her well, but she filled me in on her life as we worked. It turned out, like Mason’s mom in the film (who was played by Patricia Arquette), she’s an ’empty nester’ now her daughter is moving out. And, like the mom, she’s single again after going through a couple of husbands. I also hope she’ll be okay. Finally, I liken myself to the Ethan Hawke character in the film. He’s the boy’s father. There’s a scene where he gives Mason Jr a present of a cd album he’d compiled called The Beatles Black Album. It’s made up of the best of their solo stuff after the band broke up. A classic Richard Linklater pop culture detail. I have made such an album myself, because like Mason Sr, that’s the way my mind works. I hope I’ll be okay, too.


There was too much goodness on Twitter/X today. A thread about lost cats in Japan. Apparently to find them you go out on the street and describe them to the local street cats, and your moggy comes home. A post from Classical Studies Memes for Hellenistic Teens (worth following!) about Jesus’ resurrection as a games character. Then, for my obligatory Twice content, there was a nice meme about idols birthing things, like Mina birthed bridges, y’all, from ami (that’s a music reference, by the way, not uh, actual bridges…Just go to the link!). Birthed: it’s a thing atm.

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