Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

New Car Saga

I finally got my new car! It’s a blue Hyundai Veloster, 2016 turbo model. Very sporty. Had a look at it out in Cranbourne, took it for a spin. It was a dream to drive. There’s a subwoofer built in to the boot, plus a cd player. It’s like it was made just for me. It also comes with a sunroof, standard. I

Tachikoma blue

think most of all I like the colour, a speckled blue that all the cars in this model (there were only 200 made for Australia) came with. I think of it as Tachikoma blue – yet another Ghost In the Shell reference for it. Negotiations for the purchase were pretty smooth. Main sticking point was the roadworthy, whether I should get it or the seller. I settled on the seller, for a little extra money. Have to say, it was not cheap: it cost me one of these… 

Can’t wait to bring it home. This officially ends the New Car Saga. Phew!


A new album for Twice Nayeon always means lots of great new content for us Onces, the most recent being the album photo shoot video on Youtube which I watched. Our girl looked comfortable and relaxed, if slightly bored at times, as the two-day photo shoot took her through varying concepts. Besides this, there was also a new Special Live Clip of Nayeon doing a medley of songs from the album, including Butterflies, Heaven and Count It. It was all one flowing segment of Nabong going from one setting to another with each song change. It was all simply done, elegantly staged, and she was utterly mesmerising. The only disappointment for me was she didn’t do the song Magic. Maybe we’ll get Special Live Clip 2 soon?

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