Thu. May 23rd, 2024

A friend gave me and my brother a box of blurays he wanted to get rid of. Since it’s not in my nature to say no to such a request, we accepted them. It was fun rummaging through them for the goodies. They were largely of the action hero variety, with lots of Schwarzeneggers, Bruce Willis’s, Tom Cruises, you get the picture. I picked out some choice or interesting finds I want to watch in future, including: Looper, Predators, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Godzilla 2, The Lion King (live action version), The League of Gentlemen, The Gauntlet, all the Alien movies up to Covenant, Dead Pool 2, Master and Commander, We Were Soldiers, Gamer, Doom, F8 The Fate of the Furious, Atomic Blonde, Repo Men, Captain America Civil Wars, Eraser and Babylon A.D. Many of the others I’d already seen or owned, and some of these I’ve seen too, but god knows when I’ll find the time to watch them!



I finally took possession of my new desktop computer today. It’s a Hewlett Packard, i5 core, 16 Gb RAM, 24″ screen all-in-one thing, and I love it. I was a bit disconcerted when I picked it up at the store, though. The whole thing came in one box, when I thought there’d be at least two – one for the monitor and peripherals, and one for the tower. When I got it home I discovered there was no tower, it was just the monitor the keyboard and mouse. I thought at first they must have missed an item. But no, upon researching it online, this is what you get with an all-in-one – no tower, the computer is inside the monitor. I didn’t know! How behind the times am I? Mind you, I’ve had my old desktop, with its bulky tower, for more than ten years, so it’s not surprising computer technology has moved on. I guess I just haven’t been paying attention. Anyway, once I got over the shock, I realised I really like not having the tower. My setup looks spare and clean and white (that’s the colour it came in). When I hooked up my external optical drive, which is also white, it was complete and perfect. When I turned it on and accessed Windows 11 for the first time it asked me to name the computer. I called it Minari, after my favourite Twice girl (yes, I’m that corny). I quickly connected to the internet, and the picture it gave was everything I’d hoped. Now I just need to load the thing with a whole bunch of programs and files for work.

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