Thu. May 23rd, 2024

In the course of writing up my April 8 diary today I had to look through some old photo albums for that shot of a much younger me standing next to a fireplace with the Kinks album Face To Face propped on it. There was a series of such photos featuring that album. My girlfriend of the time and I were having an impromptu indoor picnic and for some reason I suggested a series of us including that album. All the more reason for regretting letting it go when I did. Anyway, it got me sorting through my photo albums and rearranging them a bit. A pleasant if slightly bittersweet experience. There’s a lot of them I haven’t scanned and digitized, which I really should get onto.


Chloe x Hallie

Speaking of digitizing, I re-coded and transferred those music videos from the Wrinkle In Time film to my music video collection files today. They featured DJ Khalid, Demi Lovato and Chloe x Hallie and excerpts from the film. I especially liked the Chloe x Hallie song, Warriors. And yes, I have a music video collection, mostly of videos recorded from the Rage music video show we have here in Australia. I know I could just use Youtube, which seems to have everything, but I want my own collection. And I’m pretty sure I’ve got some stuff that Youtube doesn’t have – so there, Youtube! Go here for a list of some of my fave music videos.


Had yet another listen to Twice‘s With You-th album, and bit of Carl Wilson‘s solo album from 1981. I won’t babble on yet again about the Twice album, but the Carl album was something I brought back from Japan. I bought it at the fabulous Tower Records store in Shibuya, so it is now a cherished memento. It’s a surprisingly tough-sounding album for Carl, so far. I expected nothing but syrupy ballads, for some reason. It’s early days yet, so I haven’t formed an opinion beyond that. But it’s nice to have that album. His brother Dennis was the first Beach Boy to release a solo album with Pacific Ocean Blue, and that’s a classic.


Okay, one more Twice-themed mention. It looks like member Nayeon might be making a solo comeback in June. Exciting news, but I have to admit I half expected it. Her very successful debut album, Im Nayeon, came out in ’22, and second lead singer, Jihyo, released her solo album last year. Twice’s third lead singer, Jeongyeon, would have been due to release something this year, but she has apparently declined the opportunity, leading the way for Nayeon to do her awesome thing again. And I am expecting a full Korean album from the group before the end of this year (it’s way due). So, all’s good in Twiceland!

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