Thu. May 30th, 2024
Tezuka Museum, Takarazuka, Japan

Read some more of A Geek In Japan. It was the chapters on manga and music, two of my favourite subjects. The manga chapter was mostly about Osamu Tezuka, and rightly so. ‘The God of Manga’. I visited the Osamu Tezuka museum in Takarazuka when I was in Japan. It was quite charming, but I thought someone of Tezuka’s stature deserved at least a theme park. I would definitely go on the Astroboy ride! It was good to see my women, Perfume, mentioned in the music section. I was intrigued by the section on Enka music. It’s described as traditional popular ballad using western instruments and scales. The author mentioned a famous enka singer and actress, Misora Hibari, whose song, Kawa No Nagare No Yo Ni, is ‘considered by many to be the best Japanese song ever written’. Oh really, the best? Song ever written? In Japan? What would the equivalent be in our western world, or just say, Australia? I must check it out.


I read James Machin‘s introduction to the book British Weird that I borrowed recently. It was a great read. It served not only as an introduction to the stories and authors in the collection, but was a great overview of the history of British Weird in general. I really liked his concept of the temenos or temenoi, a place imbued with a kind of psychic or historical power, where perhaps something extraordinary had happened, and which features in much weird writing. My favourite author, Ursula Le Guin, conjures up such places in some of her writing, and now I have a name for them. So too Machin’s delineation of recurring themes in the book, including ‘unstable geographies, or the landscape as a palimpsest or psychic reliquary of history’. Machin’s a very erudite writer, and used a number of words I hadn’t encountered before. One such word I liked was ‘atavistic’ – ‘reverting to or suggesting the characteristics of a remote ancestor or primitive type’, like having an atavistic fear of the dark. Good word. I will have to slip it into my conversation or writing some time. Now I’m looking forward to reading the book.


Our Foreign Minister, Penny Wong, has finally decided it might be a good idea for Australia to recognize Palestine needs a state of its own. The Australian and Herald/Sun newspapers, which my library holds, branded the suggestion as ‘controversial’, because some Jews wouldn’t like it. I’m not a fan of censorship in libraries, but I swear, why are we giving Rupert’s News Corpse the oxygen? No one will miss it, especially the Herald/Sun. Trust me, it’s just read by old codgers who often steal our library copies, and require us to instigate an under the counter policy with them. On Monday Media Watch revealed the News Corps media for the Zionist propagandists they are. We should do what Liverpool did with them.


I did some more work on my No Man’s Sky videos. I’m adding some commentary text and inserting images of the Twice girls at certain points. It’s a bit of a challenge integrating the images into the game graphics, but I think the results are worthwhile. I still find it a little daunting though putting up my machinimas on Youtube, especially as they are hybrid mashups. I wonder what Twice fans will make of them, let alone No Man’s Sky fans. I want them both to have a good experience, but I’m not sure if that’s what I’m providing, or if I’m just being self indulgent. But I’m still enjoying the process and ambitious to see what else I can do with this weird machinima hybrid version of film making.


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