Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

New Car Saga

It was back to work today, but wouldn’t you know it, my car wouldn’t start. Looks like it’s the end of the road for it. Had my brother drive me in. I’d better get that new car soon!

Speaking of cars, I watched my dvd of Mad Max Fury Road again to put me up to speed (yep) with the whole Furiosa journey. And what a journey it is. I’m leaving the review for a separate blog post, but what I’ll say here is the whole Mad Max franchise is such an Eighties vision. The idea that an energy-pollution apocalypse would give rise to a culture of nomadic bikies and revheads in Australia sort of makes sense. It just doesn’t in light of more recent developments where renewables of solar and wind are stepping into the gap that oil and gas depletion will leave. Throw in global warming, computerisation and AI developments and you have a very different future scenario. I don’t know if it’ll lead to an apocalypse or a golden age, but I don’t see nomadic bikies in that mix.


Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movies seem to be back in the zeitgeist lately. I’ve noticed an uptake of borrowings of the films in the library, and there have been some TV programs about it, including a doco series I watched today called Lord of the Rings, Icons Unearthed. What’s going on? Anyway, it was an entertaining and informative overview of the making of those films, and also of Tolkien’s road to writing the books. I know a fair bit of the lore of Jackson’s Lord of the Rings because the original dvds were so chock full of behind the scenes information, but this documentary had even more. I didn’t know exactly, for example, why Liv Tyler’s Arwen character arc was watered down from warrior woman to inspirational/ethereal love interest for Aragorn. Turns out one of the main reasons was that good old Liv couldn’t ride horses and was afraid of them, and riding horses well was essential to her character. Even the scenes that were shot in the first film of her riding a horse to save an injured Frodo were done from on top of a fake horse-riding rig.

I have to say I’m very glad of this. One of the first online spoilers I learned about the film’s initial shooting was that Arwen’s character was being beefed up to replace the other warrior woman role in the story, namely the wonderful Eowyn, who is my favourite female character in the book. Spoiler indeed. From then on I ignored any and all spoilers about the films because I was so gutted about this new, stupid development. So it was a very pleasant surprise to come to the second film, The Two Towers, and find that Jackson and co had reinstated Eowyn, in the wonderful form of Miranda Otto. Man, what were they thinking in the first place? Can you imagine Lord of the Rings without Eowyn, without Miranda Otto? It’s like imagining Aragorn being played by, original choice, Stuart Townsend (the doco gives us some poop about his departure as well). No thanks. So thanks Liv Tyler for your aversion to horses! The series continues next week, and I’ll be there.


Speaking of warrior women, a long while ago I, under my band name Grover’s Mill, wrote a little song called Illyria, which was about a character from TV’s Angel spinoff from Buffy. I’m putting it up on this site’s Archive section, and while at it I took the opportunity to remix it today. It’s a mid-paced doom metal song, not great and not as heavy as I wanted it to be but, I dunno, it’s a song I wrote. I wish I’d played the lead guitar riff with a bit more finesse and that anyone other than me sang it, but I like it. Illyria was such a cool and kick-ass character, she deserves a song about her. I have another one, a sequel to it called The Final Battle, that will also go up soon.

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