Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Listened in the van (it’s a work thing) to my Spotify Citypop 80s playlist. This is a style of music that was popular in Japan especially in the 80s. Think a slightly slowed down version of disco with a breezy soul vibe evoking a night drive in the city, or to the beach in an open top car. I sourced this from a book I brought back from Japan called Citypop Best 100. It’s all in Japanese, but I can read it using Google Translate. I mainly needed the song and artist titles from the lists (there’s a number of them mainly from the seventies and eighties). I tried reading some of the commentary, but it was fiddly and a bit boring. This was obviously the 80s list. It was hard to find a lot of the songs on Spotify, and a lot I couldn’t find. And now that I’m listening to it, I find a few of the songs aren’t really what I’d call citypop. I’m deleting these ones as I go. But the rest are sterling stuff. You really can’t go past Mariya Takeuchi‘s Plastic Love. So popular now, they had to make a music video of it in the late noughties. Check it out. So cool. Also check out the list I made on my Spotify. This one’s great for doing the finger point dance. You know what I’m talking about!


After all my palaver yesterday about controlling myself when I’m in op shops, I went and bought something in one today. It was a dvd of a film called Voyage To a Prehistoric Planet. A real low budget Roger Corman scifi about the first voyage to Venus. Yes, that’s right, I went with that rather than the uber slick Interstellar of yesterday. I know, my priorities are out of whack. I suppose I justify it in terms of my consumption criteria in that it was unusual, and possibly hard to get. Ultimately, it was in the category of ‘I just really wanted it’. The cover was so garish and retro, it looked like it was in the it’s so bad it’s good category. And it was. I know, because I watched it later in the day. I’m gonna stop writing about it here, because there’s a lot to unpack and I want to save it for a full blog.

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