Fri. Jun 21st, 2024
Richard Wolff

I recently renewed my subscription to the Democracy @ Work podcast. It’s a good podcast, presented by Marxist economist Richard Wolff. I listened to a recent one today, where he talked about the Uneven Development of Capitalism. The basic thesis was, it goes where the money is, which leads to things like condensed cities and gentrification, and where it doesn’t go is where you find things like poverty and underdevelopment. The inequality is built into the system. It should be planned and spread out. I wonder: are China and Russia planned and spread out? Wolff reiterated the point (which always needs reiterating) that most things in our society are the fault of Capitalism. It’s just never mentioned or blamed. It’s always the fault of something else, like immigration, unions, or even inflation – like it has nothing to do with Capitalism. There’s always a scapegoat. Think about it.


I received delivery of my new audio interface to go with my new desktop computer, because the old AI doesn’t work with Windows 11. It’s a U-Phoria UMC22, a pretty basic model, but I was all excitement when I got it. Can’t say I’m impressed with it so far. The two inputs are variable, one for mic, one for Line In, which ain’t great for digitally converting files uniformly. It’s my own fault for not checking the specs out closely enough before I bought, but who thought variable inputs were a good idea? Anyway, I’ll play around with it and see if I can find a good work around. Otherwise I’m up for more money with a better AI that gives true stereo inputs (and probably 192 Khz digital processing, as if I need it). Gotta have a proper audio connection to my computer.

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