Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
Willie Mays, 1931 - 2024

Major League Baseball player Willie Mays died yesterday at 93 years of age. He mostly played for the New York and San Francisco Giants, my team. He was my favourite baseball player. I used to play baseball, back in the day. It’s the only sport I’ve ever been interested in. Willie brought so much joy to the game, and he was such an all-rounder. He could run, he could field he could hit (for power and position). He’s even in some famous songs, including Chuck Berry’s Brown-Eyed Handsome Man and John Fogerty’s Centrefield. It was a good innings, Willie. RIP.


I taped the noir film He Walked By Night on the PVR today. A 1948 black and white, starring Richard Basehart and directed by Alfred L Werker, it’s been described as a Copaganda piece, which is pretty neat. It’s told in a semi-documentary style, following its cop characters in a hunt to track down a cop-killer. It mainly gets a solid three stars out of five on Letterboxd, so I’m looking forward to checking it out somewhere down the line.


Saw a nice Twitter/X thread today from poster Pulp Librarian. It was about Top 10 Book Titles That Would Make Great Prog Rock Album Covers. Because ‘everyone loves a 10 minute drum solo, right?’ Some book title examples were The Wizard of Lin (A E Van Vogt), Murdock’s Acid Test (George Harmon Coxe), Thongor At the End of Time (Lin Carter). The Librarian also provided some entertaining descriptions of the possible music contained therein. I recommend this poster. Every tweet and thread is like a mini sociology essay in some arcane aspect of pop culture. Their most recent thread covered the Return of Custom Street Vans (bring it on!). I retweet these often.


New Car Saga

I’m still looking for a car and still dealing with all the craziness that comes with looking for private sales. Just teeing up a time to see a car is difficult. I spoke to one woman who had a nice i30, trying to organize a time on the weekend, but neither of us could fit a viewing into our schedules (I was working on both days, just a couple of hours). My older brother, the car aficionado, said I should drop some work to make the meeting, but I’m not in the habit of reneging on my work commitments (unlike a certain someone). The best I could do was a meeting on Tuesday, but the woman said someone was coming to look at the car on Sunday, and she’s let me know if it was sold. Come Tuesday, she hadn’t informed me, and when I called her, it turned out she’d sold the car to someone else she saw on Saturday. Then I called a guy about a nice Veloster with turbo and he said he had people coming from the country to look at the car and he wanted to give them first crack since they rang first, so could I wait until after? So I’m getting a bit confused about the etiquette of these things. Is it first call first served, or whoever can organize a time to see the vehicle first?

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